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    1. ultranoob

      Damnit, you son of a gun, you did it Fitz!
    2. ultranoob

      When an error like 13:39:46 Scripting function 'bis_fnc_arsenal' is not allowed to be remotely executed occurs, it's because the CfgRemoteExec is set incorrectly. It needs to have something like this // List of script commands allowed to be sent from client via remoteExec class Commands { /*your commands here*/ class YourCommand1 { allowedTargets=0; jip=0; } // can target anyone, sending jip is turned off (overrides settings in the Commands class) class bis_fnc_arsenal { allowedTargets=0; jip=0; } }; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgRemoteExec @Fitz
    3. ultranoob

      No still borked
    4. ultranoob

      Edit inventory does not work

      I have the option of using the 'Edit Inventory' option but the result doesn't stick. When I drive up to the editing area, I can select the option and the editing menu pops up. I wait for it to initialize, select a different tab, go back to 'Current', it's blank on a new vehicle (even on a fresh spawn with default inventory). While the 'Clear' option works, even adding items to the edit inventory will not u pdate the inventory of the vehicle after pressing OK. The RPT log will always contain a small snippet exactly like this: Only person that seems to have this problem is me, always reproducibly but only me.
    5. How about the MQ-12 Falcon as a Unarmed/Very Lightly Armed Recon UAV? Maybe only give it two DARs instead of the full complement of 24 DARs and 2 ATGMs. I pitch this because while the UAV Darters are good at their jobs, they are slower and take a long time to reposition when something needs to be observed quickly. And essentially, this should be a upgrade for UAV operators because it's crazy annoying having a drone shot down and not being able to provide intel during that blackout period. Pros: Fast, Manoeuvrable Stable platform / Stable orbit (compared to greyhawks) Defensive systems Downsides: Bigger larger target
    6. ultranoob

      QQ - Still no Hello Kitty GH skin.
    7. ultranoob

      Can we add a one-time one-chance activatable high-risk high-reward Special mission for each FOB spawn? Edit: Honestly probably more a zeus thing.... or would it...
    8. ultranoob

      Hip hip.
    9. ultranoob

      So....Hello kitty ghost hawks?
    10. ultranoob

      Just so everyone knows, I'm particularly liking scenario D.
    11. So with the guidance of the almighty Dasweetdude, He's suggested I post offer my Zeus scenarios here. Here are some of the following 'good' scenarios/ideas for Zeus missions: Scenario A: Rescue - Fishron DownNATO reinforcements have been stranded on a island off the coast, and have been captured by the enemy. The island is protected from air assaults with skilled AA infantry, the best solution is infiltration by boat or amphibious craft. COMMAND has already setup a FOB with vehicles close to the area, but you will need your own transport to get there. Gather a platoon/section and rescue our friends.Mission parameters - Timed?[Mission FAIL: Time expired] - Possible Scenario B?[Mission SUCCESS] - Reward? Goto scenario C?? Scenario B: Secure object/Intercept - Fallen StarCSAT has captured one of our autonomous drones that was being shipped to the airbase and is holding it at one of their local bases, infiltrate and secure the drone before their security experts are able to decode the encryption.Mission parameters - Timed?[Mission FAIL: Time expired] - CSAT has managed to decode the encryption and are now moving to the radio station to transmit the data, intercept and capture the Officer in charge.[Mission FAIL: Time expired] - Chance of 'hacked' Grey-hawks hitting friendly targets (similar to Priority: Artillery)[Mission SUCCESS] - Reward? Unique reward? Scenario C: Secure object - Perfect StormNATO JISR suggests that CSAT has transported an experimental weather manipulating bomb onto Altis island, they are storing the device in a truck located in their base. Ensure that CSAT does not have the opportunity to use it, but do not destroy it as NATO intelligence wants to study it. SECURE THE TRUCK.Mission parameters - ???[Mission FAIL: Truck destroyed] - Weather change? Time change?[Mission SUCCESS] - Follow up: Escort the truck back to base (Truck can only go on main roads? Zeus drives?). Possible ambush points. Land mines? Break a wheel off the truck?? Scenario D: Capture and Hold - Into the maw of the TigerRecently the AAF and CSAT have hacked into our secure network and we have yet to locate the breach. NATO JISR have located where our sensitive information might be stored. Capture the stronghold and Escort our resident top hacker 'blackSh33p' to find out how they got into our systems. We don't expect the AAF and CSAT to take it lightly and they will attempt to retake the stronghold. Your objective will be to defend the stronghold from enemy attack until 'blackSh33p' can finish up and EXFIL safely. Scenario E: Defend (Repair) - Stuck in the mudCOMMAND has received an urgent request for support at one of our FOBs, they need a repair specialist to fix up one of their tanks (Disabled and Out of Ammo) but they are under heavy fire from infantry (and possible enemy vehicles for balance reasons). Escort the engineer (Zeus) to the objective and defend the objective until he finishes up the repairs and resupply (Huron Ammo?)! So basically here are some ideas I've come up with, feel free to critique and write up notes. I have no technical knowledge of the behind the scenes stuff so feel free to shoot them down as well. I hope these ideas are somewhat intelligent and interesting, I look forward to your feedback!
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