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    1. SkylerBB

      easiest thing I can say is either check my YT or Twitch (same name as on here). Any SG videos feel free to use
    2. SkylerBB

      If the new DLC is better than the content one....maybe even the second IA server can rotate it also seems it has the DLC maps already Mon = Mal Tues/Thurs = Tan Wed/Fri = Pol Im sure more people will want to play aliens than german dlc lol edit: never know. could be new NPCs to put into Pol missions =P
    3. SkylerBB

      Lol not likely to happen.you will have fun getting enough people I reckon
    4. SkylerBB

      Oh no...much better use for this skin. Event OP Player hunting everyone else. Muhahahaha
    5. Don't forget when the AI civies have enough of players killing them in the AO and gang up on a player also
    6. I used to play on the AL never used to be too bad last yr. Thinking about getting back into AL again soon. Guess I'll see how the cops are then when I'm back as a Rebel.
    7. *looks as IA with a full server population and second server has 12+ people also* IA is going strong. We better bring some players over =P
    8. SkylerBB

      The issue with doing AI CAS is the programming required....overall it has very little gain and more than likely the AI will end up hitting friendlies due to people running to the location and not being able to call off the strike as easy as a player pilot could. AI FOB supply run is also not worth it. It is easy for players to make AI drive to the FOB already....I do it all the time. just make a group, control the AI and have multiple vehicles drive to the FOB at once. having the commander have to capture the HQ wouldn't work well. what happens if they go AFK or D/C mid AO? a Commander also isn't a ground trooper. they would be at base controlling the battle not in the battle. As good as the concepts may sound, they are somewhat unrequired as can be done already and the programming required isn't worth the hassle. However with points being found, they could be something. Random unmarked missions on the map. like 1 squad in a village with an intel pad on a table for points. 2 vehicles driving around a location that need to be destroyed. Even maybe a small attack on FOB/base which defended gives points. Points should be more just giving assests or even the choice of between assests at end of a Side AO.
    9. SkylerBB

      we used to have a mortar vehicle...kinda….Zarmark MRL which was for the vets....and its use...was over used. A Zarmark with the mortar on the back maybe something else that could be useful. can load it full of tubes and bipods and have one ready to go at all times.
    10. SkylerBB

      From what people I know have said about the DLC it isn't worth it. I was going to get it but I have had a number of friends get a refund on it as was a waste of time and money saying the RHS mods are better quality than the DLC..... I'd pick the RHS first. prob wont ever buy the dlc unless its like 75% off
    11. SkylerBB

      When we have a FLTLT leading us in a larger swarm of wasps then we will!
    12. SkylerBB

      We all know the favorite littlebird skin of wasp and that pilots can also wear it....well.....things happened and we had a wing of wasp skinned pilots in wasp skinned littlebirds
    13. SkylerBB

      *crys* MX SW is my fav weapon as AT so I can long range AT and shot. Sads! Im sure i'll figure something out. ^^^^ I do that kinda thing a lot. if im not AT/mortor/ironside and it is needed that is what people should be doing. your little RPGs are not as good as the weapons the other roles have. 6-7rpgs don't always kill what these roles can. just easier to change to them
    14. SkylerBB

      Yea.....I wouldn't recommend that. 1. can cause you to get on the bad side of some community members which is never good. 2. it gets you noticed by staff quicker. 3. this is why they restricted it. Always good to have a bit of fun and mess around at times, but normally need to keep it to a way that people with have fun with you at the same time =) Kinda like when I play as Mortor Team. I know how I can mess around but don't abuse it as I know i'll upset people, unless they are in on it =) Keep it chill for a bit so everyone gets to know you well then can mess around a bit more. =)
    15. SkylerBB

      Why would you even want the VR suit.... zero protection of any kind....1 shot and your dead basicly...no matter what you are carrying. You will find a lot of things are restricted Ptarmigann as don't fit in with the servers style =) Anything the role you are in can't use will pop up on the screen when you try to and tell you to. No racing/vr suits, lot of CSAT is locked, some weapons locked to set roles. Everyone is normally pretty good in game and will help you find a loadout that works for your role if need a hand =)
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