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    1. Chadd

      ******************************************************** bro ********************************* u
    2. Chadd

      We are ****s.
    3. Chadd

      Yeah bro we will let the Lynx guys off for hacking no worries.
    4. Chadd

      snitchballs smh
    5. Chadd

    6. Chadd

      Rebels already have access to the Anti Gas Pills IF the gas mask goes in for rebels it would be a craft-able item.
    7. Chadd

      like to get me 2 800 rep also enjoy these epic pics xo
    8. Chadd

      Fixed Next Update.
    9. Chadd

    10. Chadd

      i have hop 1mil today smh i own half this gang
    11. Chadd

      0 rebels want roleplay most of us come on for combat.
    12. Chadd

      Yo yo We are recruiting most people who are of a mature age and don't act like idiots if you want to join please fill out the Doc below. If you make the cut you will be sent our Teamspeak Password & our discord for when we hit banks ect. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeIZ58-9JgHQGzmFem95EsObH0Iox1NWZA32HXZ-8fwm73Ofg/viewform
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