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    1. Chadd

      no one was really waiting
    2. Chadd

      @bouda118 @Nuu Rushean
    3. Chadd

      Name of gang initiating war: IXTargeted Gang Base: GB1Date preferred for gang war: (must be minimum 5 days in advance) We are claiming GB1 probs not a war.Members partaking in the war: (max 15) Me, Luna , Carlos , S^T , Daywalker , Armando Wolf , Skyfise
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      legit monkey
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    6. Chadd

      fuk man just want to vdm ukima again
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      No. No.
    9. Chadd

      Declaration of Application: - By placing this Application you are not guaranteed placement in the APD. Your Application for Full Time Enlistment into the APD may be Denied if your answers do not meet the minimum word limit, you lie in your answers, have an unsatisfactory history of Server Rule Breaches or fail to agree and acknowledge all statements and declarations in this Application. You Application may also be Denied after an Interview with a member of the Academy Staff. Other testing my be required due to preset standards and results in these could lead to your application being Denied. Cabinet withhold the right veto any application at any stage of enlistment. If you application is Denied a time frame will be placed after which you may reapply. After this reapply period has ended you may use your previous application, unless told otherwise. Acknowledgement of Declaration: (Yes/No): Yes Basics: - Name: Chadd TeamSpeak Name: Crab Age: 20 Hours Played as Pub Slot before placing this application (minimum 15 Hours): 20+ Hours on Arma 3: 5.9k Steam 64 ID/Player ID: 76561198132646462 Link to Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/unphased/ Recommendation: - You must have two referrals from a Senior Constable or above. If you do not supply two referrals and they cannot be confirmed your application will be denied. (@their name) Referral One: @luke_ Referral Two: @FarmerGeorge98 Induction Training Completed By (Must have been completed no more than 30 days ago): @Uncle Toby Questionnaire: - Why do you want to join the Altis Police Department (100 words min)?: I would like to join the Altis Police Department to play something different rather then rebel and civilian. I have really been enjoying playing as pub slot over the past 2 weeks and responding to banks and attacking rather than defending on rebel. I would like to step my game up a bit inside the APD ranks and gain access to better gear and be able to help more in general GD situations and at major robberies. Also i would like to be able to play cop when i want to without having to wait for a pub slot to open. If you are successful; where do you see yourself in 3 months in the APD (50 words min)?: I truly see myself as a senior constable in three months time taking commanding officer of general duties again like i have done in the past showing new cops the ropes and teaching everyone new tactics. I hope to be a great example for new recruit to look up to. What do you believe you can bring to the Altis Police Department (50 words min)?: My experience inside Arma 3 will allow me to teach cops new ways to push and even defend different situations. Also my time playing as SRT where i was the IGL for most of the fights calling the shots on what to do and where to go will be put to good use at banks and other robberies. Do you have any experience as a Police Officers from other servers?: Not Outside of Straya. Senior Sergeant , SRT , SRT Sharpshooter , SRT Team Lead , Detective. Other than Police, what previous role play scenarios have you been a part of on Straya-Gaming?: Rebel , Medic , Map Dev. How much time can you dedicate to the Altis Police Department?: Most of my playing time. Have you ever been banned, kicked or watchlisted from Altis Life at any stage? If so when and why: Yes , If you want the full list talk to a Mod. Conclusion: - Have you read and understood the Altis Life Server Rules?: (Yes/No): Yes Have you read and understood the Altis Police Department Protocols?: (Yes/No): Yes By submitting this application you agree to the limitations of being a Probationary Constable that is set above: (Yes/No): Yes Do you acknowledge that by partaking in illegal or 'Rebel' activities you do not have the right to apply for Police Divisions within the APD such as S.R.T., Detectives, PolAir and Police Academy or promotion to or past Senior Sergeant: (Yes/No): Yes
    10. Chadd

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    12. Chadd

      Name: Chadd Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted): 76561198132646462 Date of Disciplinary Action: 1/3/19 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: Blacklist 3 months Appeal Who were you Disciplined by: Corey , Milkdud Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Logged on Cop found were SRT were and logged back to civ and gave out location. Why the appeal should be accepted [50 Words]: My time in the cop force hasn't always been good but i do know i was a decent asset when i put my head down and tried. I fully take responsibility for what i did and the punishment i got handed it was fair, I understand my discipline history isn't good inside the APD but as i said in the past most of my past blacklists were due to me breaking community guild-lines which i also take full responsibility for. i really regret doing what i did. I honestly don't know what i was thinking at the time of doing it and i wish i could take it back. Now i saying all this i understand your position i am not a really liked person among the APD/Command but if i am allowed back into the APD for another shot i 95% promise i will follow all protocols and listen to my higher ups at all times. Any other information: I am keen to play again and grind for ranks if i do get another shot.
    13. Chadd

      shoot at the dick has no amour 2 shot any gun
    14. We are trying . I'am Also open to new map ideas HMU on discord or team-speak and ill take a look.
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