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  1. Chadd

    shut up sean
  2. Chadd

    roleplay on top hell yeah
  3. Chadd

    hahaha wake up
  4. Welcome back brother Cheers
  5. Chadd

    give rebels IED's as well bro if you can do it why cant we
  6. Chadd

    hello new player here looking for gang ?
  7. Chadd


    Lupus don't listen to these spazs just do it how u want no one ever gives good feedback
  8. Chadd

    why bother
  9. Chadd

    my name a jeff
  10. Chadd

  11. Chadd

    //stay in 3g we are not recruiting people already in gangs
  12. Chadd

    //Interveiw Contact Myself or Rhys on discord. chadd#5050 Rhys Beckett #4195
  13. Chadd

    //ACCEPTED Contact chadd#5050 on discord for a invite.
  14. Chadd

    to be fair you are a vibe rn