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  1. Curious on thoughts about having the ability to spawn in side missions/choose what type you would like to do, with a timer of course but less then the one that’s already on server. Also having the option of difficulty would also being nice, harder it is the better the reward.
  2. Cpl Aidoss

    I would much rather have a designated marksman role (probably 4 slots and a 5th whitelisted) , and get rid of the marksman weapons you can have as a rifleman. Also limiting what scopes certain roles can have, such and medics, engineer and rifleman don’t need scopes anything past X6 magnification.
  3. Cpl Aidoss

    Maybe have the level system as if u are new to the server then you can only play as certain roles such as rifleman or Auto rifleman. Then later levels you can then do more marksman roles such as spotter/ sniper and of course marksman. This then would mean the longer you have been playing the more trust and faith we would have in you to do such things as Iron side or Pilot. Yes i do know there will be ways to get around these roles/classes as you can play as a rifleman and just grab the longest range weapon you can get with a sniper scope then you got around the system still its just an idea that you could put into the game but it would come with a lot of problems
  4. Cpl Aidoss

    Mc Fob---don't forget to buy a big mac meal on the way to the battlefield.
  5. Cpl Aidoss

    wouldn't this mean more scripting for the server and wouldn't this mean they would have to do it for every armed vic?---I'm no expert but if that was the case for each vic wouldn't that be very tasking for the server to maintain for fram reasons?
  6. Cpl Aidoss

    Add some IDAP non-combat/ combat missions like take the said medical stuff to a town and maybe ambush them on the way there or on the way back?
  7. Cpl Aidoss

    plz tell us----i think we would rather rip the band-aid off now then later
  8. Cpl Aidoss

    can you give us a hint of what the changes may be
  9. Cpl Aidoss

    will there be another one held
  10. Cpl Aidoss

    how many people showed up
  11. Cpl Aidoss

    im up for a bit of testing
  12. Cpl Aidoss

    would it be possible to give the sniper roles access to the darter drones or would that lead to too many drones being used?
  13. Cpl Aidoss

    Mine clearing mission along a main road maybe?
  14. Cpl Aidoss

    maybe having it so you can only do this once every 30-40 min---this way people can still do it but the need for heli people would still be needed.
  15. Cpl Aidoss

    Would we see a test of this idea and if, so when would the test be. Also i reckon the I&A veterans should be able to be CSAT due to the fact that they have put so much time and effort to get to where they are now in the server, and it would be a nice reward for them.