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  1. oPantha

    I could have gone on floating through space forever. I know these things are rigged but **** it
  2. Am i too late? i wanna join too pls @Joshua_ @Nunny
  3. oPantha

    Yeah!! i change my vote to 50 AI kills so it has +1 and -1 to the no tokens for AI kills thanks
  4. oPantha

    "Money really doesn't matter when you have zeus" or cheats for that matter!
  5. oPantha

    Br0 who's he accusing of cheating? I see no names. Who's cheating and who is the "admin" @tts Rawr X D
  6. oPantha

    Hi, i'm new and would like to enter. Thanks!
  7. - Bring back burying (2k) - Tokens @ 5 kills because of server pop - Rebalance token shop - Add more variants of vehicles (e.g. AA pawnee, AT pawnee, AA shikra/blackwasp, Caesar with a 50 cal) - ^Same with jets, add some cool variants - Redo shop prices (e.g. Why is the nyx AA and AT 50k) - Add flares to Caesar - Add the thermal helm back - Add night version back to launchers - Bring back a free rearm (bobcat) - fix weapons glitching out when you die - Move pilot and defender helm to the top of the list - Remove weather - Move carrier closer (1k - 1.5k away) and turn it 90° - Fix vehicle storage sometimes deleting the stored vehicles (this has happened to me on 2 different occasions and i know it's happened to Mr Pickles too) - Bring back the WL Vet charge. However, not entirely sure if possible BUT add a rank for WL Vets that gives them access to the VET charge. This way the bind can't be shared and ruin it like in the past.