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    Amen to that
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    Rip SG so sad to see whats happened to the commumity. This forum had active people everyday posting. All servers were max pop including altis. "Long live SP" Back when the founders and all staff were playing with the players... awsome events i still have memories off. Now... i feel its safe to say the community has broken up lol... maybe one day it might be ressurected but eh doubtfull
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    wait no more beef?
  4. Fusion_Delusion

    Yeah yeah tigg you just miss admin abuse but ive been absent so long ive got no idea what actually happened
  5. Fusion_Delusion

    Miss the og AL day wouldn't you say @Jewbacca
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    I told lucky too shot the one on the east... he shot west... shot wrong heli down
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    I remember this. i shat meself.....
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    Enjoy. No hate 1st vid ive ever done.
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    Gotta ask Forum mod or someone who has access to forums.
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    Enjoyed the RP, next time we gotta keep @Roger Purple Away from the prisoner
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    Welcome to the community. @Miss Psychotic Enjoy your stay n rip ping
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    Jewbacca comming out with da memes
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    WELCOME!!!! Enjoy your stay man.
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    Mayby you will
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    Hi, my name is Zane, Most of yous know me by my IGN: Fusion_Delusion. I am one of the Co - Leaders of INS Cartel on Altis life. Im from New Zealand and i love to play games and talk to people xD. Im 16 turning 17 in April and hoping to join the New Zealand Army either when i turn 18 or around 21 years old. Ive studied Mechanical Engineering for 2 years and hoping to go for a 3rd year. As of now i am unemployed but im hoping to get an Apprenticeship as a Carpet layer for 2 years. ive finished year 12 at high school but i still dont know how to properly read a fucking clock -_-..... hehehe. I hope you say hi to me whenever im in StrayaGaming Teamspeak or even if your wanting to talk about the Cartel. im always open to people ♥♥♥♥
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    Thanks for the warm welcome J17, ive only been here for 2-3 months but havent talked to anyone really, mindin my own buisness