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  1. Group Name - Altis Life Contractors Category (Rebel or Contractor) - Contractor Group's Founder (You can only have one founder) - Ryder Group Founders Player UID (find UID here) - 76561198300939020 Group's members - Apollo - Chappy - Rubio - Nike - Titan - Italy - (more to come) What we can expect to see from you on Altis - - Removing Weapons off the streets of Altis - Assisting APD with Securing Scenes, Active Shooters, Bank Robberies, etc - Intervening during Gas Stations Robberies - Collecting Illegal Airdrops and handing them over to APD - Removing Abandonded Vehicles from the streets - Protecting new players in City Limits - Protecting new players at Legal Mines/Fields
  2. Mista Ryder - Discipline Appeal Name (Found in the roster Database): Mista Ryder Rank: Unknown Badge Number (If applicable): Unknown Player ID (SteamID64): 76561198300939020 TeamSpeak UID: rsHkSYrvZXTYyZJNkNMnFrPBZvs= Reason for being disciplined? (If unknown, ask a Command Member): Unknown Blacklist Why did you do what you did?: Unknown Blacklist Why should the discipline be reduced / removed, given what you did? (Min 75 words): There is no listed reason as to why I was blacklisted from the medic faction, as such I would truly appreciate the opportunity to be allowed to rejoin the Altis Paramedic Service. There isn't much more I can say to this question. What can you bring to the APS? (Min 100 words): I am a highly active member on the server, I play medic more than both Civ and Cop combined so I would be an especially active member of the Altis Paramedic Service. I join in and start roleplay situations with Civs, cops, and fellow medics regularly. I completely understand what an active combat area is, as well as the rules surrounding reviving a dead player, whether they are a gang member, law enforcement or fellow medic. I'm over 20 years old, do not use a cheap (painful to listen to) mic and value the push to talk feature and using the correct in game channels.