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  1. Axle_Tiaky

    Ahhh the memories - Rest In Peace Sweet Prince - Altis Life forever
  2. Axle_Tiaky

    Channel Name: Axle the OG Forum ID: 80-axle_tiaky
  3. Axle_Tiaky

    I think the major issue with all of that @Myron might be the framerate lag that would come off placing these entities. You would have to talk with @Fitzy old boy to see if he would like to implement it.
  4. Axle_Tiaky

    Rest in peace brother, cheers for what you did to the community. Thank you for all the work that you did.
  5. Axle_Tiaky

    Everyone working together to help this bloke.
  6. Axle_Tiaky

  7. Axle_Tiaky

    Terrorist faction 100%
  8. Axle_Tiaky

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY0WxgSXdEE Besides, that, have a good one Dredal was fun talking to you all this time. Hope the break is enjoyable.
  9. Axle_Tiaky

    Lachlan and Axles' working area **** off No touchy Touchy 80-Axle_Tiaky
  10. Axle_Tiaky

    But you were the chosen one Your work will not be forgotten. Talk soon mate
  11. Axle_Tiaky

    Loved working with ya mate, hopefully you stay around in the community
  12. Axle_Tiaky

    Paul its Connor Catch ya round, nice having ya here for a few years, and def a great guy to talk to.
  13. Axle_Tiaky

    So what I have gathered so far: - Tier 5 Guns and Weapons, however, no Navid and SPMG. - Tier 5 Vests. - Tier 5 Helmets. - Bergens - Ghillies - RPG - Nike Airmaxs and Nike Tns (Added in later updates) Anything else lads @Truma, @Jay, @Dredal.
  14. Axle_Tiaky

    I have decided to chuck up a post to get your opinion on what you lads want on crafting. Give me your suggestions (besides Bergens and Ghillies) below:
  15. Axle_Tiaky

    Killer bug at the federal reserve

    Players seem to be sliding down a part of the map and dying. At the federal reserve in this location: