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  1. Milkdud

    Ingame Name - [F03A] Milkdud Hours on Arma3 - 130 I am quite inactive Age - 16 Short description on your play style - uh I kind of suck ass at the game but I am pretty good at flexing on people and talking shit. I can do a good Zarco imitation which could be helpful but I have to pull my plug when someone spots me. I can give pretty good rugby advice if needed, good technique can really increase quality of the game as well as getting all of your fat asses into shape. The reality is I just have no friends and mum told me to meet new people. I have heard stories about the great Rhys Beckett and how good he is at the game (mostly been told by Rhys himself). Thankyou for reading ?
  2. Milkdud

    //PENDING// come see myself, Corey or Kev for an interview about your
  3. Milkdud

    "AREA 51"
  4. Milkdud

    Denied You may re-post your appeal in 2 months unless contacted by myself.
  5. Milkdud

  6. Milkdud

    //Pending// Your appeal is currently under review. A cabinet member will be in contact for any extra information.
  7. When you remove seatbelt then get out of a car you can not unlock or un-holster weapons. but if you get out of vehicle without removing seatbelt key binds are fine. ?
  8. Milkdud

    //Pending// Your appeal is currently under review and a cabinet member will contact you for any extra information.
  9. Milkdud

  10. Milkdud

    //Denied// word requirement not met.
  11. Milkdud

    //pending// Corey or myself will contact you if we need any information.
  12. Milkdud

    //pending// A cabinet member will get in contact with you if we need any information.
  13. Milkdud

    //Pending// A cabinet member will contact you if any information is needed.
  14. Milkdud

    RIP had soo many good ideas but nobody would listen. Cheers for my impound lot kiddo.
  15. Milkdud

    //Denied// You may apply for prob. constable again on the 25th