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  1. Qeus

    Server now allows use of this mod (from next server restart): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=755210821 https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/193929-qs-mag-repack/ Download via A3 Launcher mod sync. [L.Ctrl]+[Reload]
  2. Qeus

    Thy will be done. Server now allows use of this mod: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/193929-qs-mag-repack/ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=755210821 Should download automatically from Steam Workshop when connecting to server through A3 Launcher. Key binding: [L.Ctrl]+[Reload]
  3. Qeus

    sadly it is not popular mod ace3 has it integrated, and there are several addons out there for it.
  4. Qeus

    Server updated! - Can now Load (interaction) into VTOLs - Apex UH-80 ghosthawks integrated into mission scripts (turret safety, etc) - Xi'an VTOL ATGM removed - Zeus AI suppressive fire - Leaderboard 7-day cycle restored - Zeus intel items fixed - Secure Radar side mission fixed - Towing fixed (vehicle would sometimes disappear when changing locality at start of tow) - few other things
  5. Qeus

    Small update coming on monday with some bug-fixes
  6. Qeus

    The decision to maintain 60 as max is performance related.
  7. Qeus

    Hi, Apologies for the delay. Will attend to it immediately, will be resolved for next restart (2 hours).
  8. Qeus

    I've investigated some of those things, unfortunately not accessible to scripting. Turning off crosshairs also turns off most of the HUD (including action menu), and magic map enemy icons are not tweakable without breaking some other things. Custom difficulty for the server means we aren't using Recruit/Regular/Veteran/Elite presets, not that people can customize their own difficulties.
  9. Qeus

    Apex is live. Terrain is Altis but all new assets have been integrated Please report bugs in the bugs forum
  10. Qeus

    Hi guys, There will be some activity tonight, with the Apex update 1.62 releasing in the next 6-10 hours, and a mission update to add some of the new vehicles to the Altis airbase. As a result, server may go down a couple times in the 12AM-6AM session.
  11. Qeus

    If you are really keen you can configure your Startup Parameters to autoconnect to your favorite server -connect=<ip> Server IP to connect to. -port=<number> Server port to connect to.
  12. Qeus

    Hi soldiers, release date of Apex Expansion to public build is 11 July 2016. We will of course be deploying a quick reaction force to deliver all the new assets to the public server, at the same time Until then, feel free to propose ideas in the lead-up, for what you'd like to see and how the mission should adapt.
  13. Qeus

    BIS Squad Radar Should it replace the QuackTac?
  14. Qeus

    For the time being its off-peak hours on Wednesdays (AEST). 00:00 - 17:59. We haven't set up a .bat file yet to control it so its just manually adding keys to the folder for now. If you have weapon pack suggestions let me know