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  1. Jay

    just blame Mitch
  2. Jay

  3. Jay

    thanks for sharing
  4. Jay

    i mean knowing s you wouldve lost the bank anyways, tower or not we'd be looking at the same outcome
  5. Jay's Ranch 954-jay
  6. "Well, bust my buffers!"
  7. Jay

    miss the old days cbf labelling each of them
  8. died when the best rebel centred Snr Mod got the flick tbh
  9. Jay

    "AREA 51" ...traitor...
  10. Jay

    Never did this for Wasteland... dont worry, message well received...
  11. Jay

    @BridTheAtl just in case you missed todays history lecture ?
  12. Jay

  13. Jay

    1. Pull out Titan Launcher 2. Aim towards target 3. Press T (lock on key) 4. Wait for a long beep 5. Left click - repeat above steps if the cuck uses flares