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    1. Jay

      1. Pull out Titan Launcher 2. Aim towards target 3. Press T (lock on key) 4. Wait for a long beep 5. Left click - repeat above steps if the cuck uses flares
    2. i mean like the server was poppin' when someone in particular was snr mod...shit only seemed to go down hill after they got demoted for "inactivity"
    3. Jay

      Like was said to you in game, if you truely believe someone is cheating come to helpdesk with some evidence, you claim they cheat but have no evidence to show for it. Both players you are accusing have been playing the server for longer than most, they know their shit. As far as I'm concerned they dont cheat and until I see evidence that suggests otherwise nothing will be done about this "issue". If you wish to discuss this further feel free to approach myself or any of the other Wasteland staff on teamspeak. I would also suggest that next time you don't accuse them of hacking/cheating over sidechat as it just stirs them up and sidechat becomes a warzone. This is not me defending any "friends", i've never played with both the people you are accusing, if anything we're rivals. and ill pass on the "suck me sideways", @Nunny on the other hand...
    4. Jay

      No Harvard referencing?
    5. Jay

      This will surely save al, the time invested into this post is astounding, hopefully this post is the beginning of bigger and better things for al. Awesome work Rackers, our hero
    6. Jay

      thought we banned ya mum
    7. Jay

      Im down for a frag montage or 2 of kids getting fragged in the dojo temple
    8. Jay

      Welcome mate, hope you enjoy your stay
    9. But @James32 likes getting abused for being a day late on an update, can't take that away from him
    10. Jay

      Any event that isnt first person locked, thx
    11. Jay

      Possibly an activity that if completed it reduces your sentence? For example while in prison you could be tasked to pick a certain amount of an item (maybe like fake rubbish or something) and for good behaviour (completing the task) you get an amount of time cut off your sentence. We could also have it that you can continuously do the task in prison while serving out your sentence, progressively reducing it. Rather than serving say 30mins you could end up only serving 15mins because you have spent the 15mins actually doing something in prison like picking up rubbish. Let me know what you think, just an idea
    12. Jay

      We only accept half decent players or better, thanks for expressing interest tho
    13. Jay

      @Fitz can u be I&As dedicated pilot again, we could do with another easy win
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