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  1. Brodie

    Use Action 10
  2. Brodie

    Was pointing out that youre still a toxic retard ?
  3. Brodie

  4. Brodie

    nice one goteeem
  5. do i get unbanned for this because im literally the best
  6. Brodie

    My utmost respect goes out to you, Sir Augnov...
  7. look out or i'll call tiggati on you

  8. Brodie

    Back in my day, Myself, @Supanova @Margarine @ʝ17 and Winters would AFK on the server every single day to gain a playerbase ;)!
  9. Brodie

  10. Brodie

    youre the worst dev xx
  11. Brodie

    I might get that game looks good!