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  1. Leopard

    HA. I tried having the guns added to rebel stores normally, then tried the KOS gun store.... multiple times... If only I wasn't blocked by a special few people who valued their crafting system so much... <3 Posted February 24 · Report post We are not going to introduce this gunstore into the game, I will list the reasons below for you. - There is already plenty of equipment available at the rebel store. - Players are so stingy about losing 100k, there is no way it would be actively patrolled. - Players will only log on during low population to buy their equipment and never return. - This is just another way to bypass crafting, it will only worsen the economy and not help it. I am still discussing with staff on an alternate idea that is not a gunstore.
  2. Leopard

    Imagine if the KOS gun store had been added all those many months ago when everyone wanted it.
  3. Leopard

    Yeah, let us allow the camping of safezones, because that seems like a logical comparison... Perhaps you didn't mention things like drug fields or anything because they are dangerous areas and that's what you expect.... In no way shape or form are you allowing the disruption of civilians gameplay? It's the KILL ON SITE area? What "civilian" is going to be frequenting there? The people that go there aren't there to make friends or pick apples, they are there to buy big guns!! If anything, you are helping the sweet little innocent civilians, this is why; Gangs buy big guns, instead of using them on civilians they use them on the other gangs (not civilians because civilians don't go there) trying to buy big guns. Therefore, less big guns are purchased, and some of the big guns that are purchased stay in the KOS zone. If you were really that concerned about the poor civilians, perhaps adding a store with all the big guns wasn't the smartest idea?
  4. Leopard

    VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Should camping of the KOS gun store be allowed???
  5. Leopard

    You've really excelled with this one! But ~ please ~ ditch ~ the ~ italics ~ and ~ tilde The normal text does just fine! Leopard
  6. G'day boss

    1. Brodie


      Can we ban this guy from the news feed! xx @Envy

    2. Excel
  7. Leopard

    Wanna have a good laugh on this topic?
  8. Leopard

    When you felt smart for seeing it is your birthday tomorrow on facebook. Post on the shoutbox about it, then see this. :'(
  9. Leopard

    @nclem Premium giveaways are funded by..... DRUM ROLL. PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS!!!!!
  10. Leopard

    Would you happen to have an example of either of those statements? The only one I can think of is the recent I&A giveaways.
  11. Leopard

    @Stevie Jones Really quality memes there. Teach me how to meme like that.
  12. Leopard

    "You are 18 years and over" There goes 90%+ of members... :'(
  13. does anyone know what's going on with the thermals in the invade & annex server, why are they so dark during the day and night?

    1. CB11B


      oops soz i put this in the wrong area


    2. Leopard




      All good bruh

    3. Nova


      its because they are super OP so we heated up the ground all the time so they arent as OP as they used to be

  14. Re open your Minecraft realm u stoopid idioot 

    1. Excel
    2. Leopard


      Yeah nah yeah nah. 











      Fuk ur selv noob

    3. Excel