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Lord Chuckles

I'm sorry.

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Hi everyone-

not sure if anyone from the old crew plays anymore, or if anyone remembers me, but Stalker and I were the founders of AInc.

I have been reading and old thread today in which someone asked the question, "what happened to AInc?"
After reading some of the replies to the thread, I just want to say I'm sorry. This post doesn't reflect the position of stalker or anyone else in AInc, and is only my personal beliefs.
It looks like AInc continued to provide the core moral values that we wished on it after I left- a solid RPing environment and support for all players, new and old.

I wish I had kept playing and not left stalker and the others to basically pick up my slack. I got busy with university and struggled to find time to get back to the community and I essentially got burned out.
Not sure if anyone even cares at this point, since it's been almost 3 years since AInc's inception. But on the off chance anyone sees this, hopefully I can make it up to you one day.

You guys were like family. Having people tell me my RP and the companies RP was the reason they kept playing made me feel like I could actually make a difference.

Who knows. Maybe one day AInc and it's subsidiaries will be reinstated.

Thank you all so much. Best of luck and hopefully we meet again soon.
- Origin, [ AInc ] Senior Executive

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  • Jtom2k    12

    I wasn't really around for AInc, but I am sure you did everyone proud buddy, especially if you created an environment built on solid RP, which some groups on the server lack at times. All the best !

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