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Invade & Annex - Server Rules and Regulations

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 Server Rules



These rules may be changed at any time without warning.



If you have any issues, queries or comments, feel free to private message a staff member


All of these rules are subject to the discretion of Admins and Moderators.





1.  Hacking and mission exploitation will not be tolerated.


2.  Advertising of other communities will not be tolerated.


3.  Intentional team killing/team-damaging will not be tolerated.


4.  Excessive, unintentional teamkilling may result in a kick/temp ban.


5.  Unnecessary destruction of BLUFOR vehicles will not be tolerated.


6.  Abuse and bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. (This includes telling a pilot they suck)


7.  Firing a weapon on base--unless at an enemy--may result in a kick/temp ban.


8 Artillery/mortar use must follow the ROE at all times https://strayagaming.com.au/forums/topic/15329-ia-jetcasartillery-roe/


9.  Griefing and obstructive play will not be tolerated. This includes stealing another player's vehicle or equipment.


10.  This is a co-op server. Exclusive play, such as teamkilling another group at Side missions or calling it for your own group, will not be tolerated.


11.  Where applicable, you should try your best to perform the duties of your chosen class - medics are expected to revive and treat incapacitated/injured players, engineers are expected to repair vehicles, etc.


12.  A staff member's decision is final. If you disagree with a decision or believe it was made in error, please do not abuse our staff members, instead submit a ban appeal.


13.  If you encounter any issues or see someone breaking the rules, do not take matters into your own hands. Instead, jump into our TeamSpeak issues channel (ts.straya.life) or submit a support ticket - one of our staff will resolve your issue as soon as possible.






1.  Spamming comms will not be tolerated.


2.  Arguing on comms will not be tolerated.


3.  Shouting/screaming/ear-rape on comms will not be tolerated.


4.  Type on Global/Side/Command channels only. Group and Direct channels can be used for voice or better yet, join us on TeamSpeak.


5.  Excessive mic spam will result in a kick, if done again a ban will be issued.


6.  Excessive conversation irrelevant to the game in the TeamSpeak Pilots channel will result in a kick or temporary ban.


7.  Music is allowed in vehicle/direct chat but must be turned off if requested.










Pilots have their own specialised roles, therefore they come with additional responsibilities.


If you have any issues with any pilot, please report the player to a staff member.


Please note that pilots are not obligated to follow instructions from a person playing as ATC, it is up to each pilot if they wish to comply or not.


If we determine your piloting skills to be incredibly subpar or disruptive to other players (including in TeamSpeak), you may be blacklisted from the role.




1.  All pilots and the UAV operator MUST be on our TeamSpeak server - in the correct channel - and communicative. Your microphone can be muted but your speakers must be unmuted at all times. Exception if TS is down or full.


2.  You MUST be a pilot to fly an aircraft.


   If you are a non-pilot and there are less than 20 players on the server, then you may fly a helicopter in co-pilot.


   If there are over 20 players:


  • Non-pilots may fly a Hummingbird to and from Side objective only.

  • Pilots are not permitted to fly the Hummingbird located northeast of base (at 'Side' base).

  • Non-pilots are not permitted to fly the Hummingbird at main spawn.


3.  Please respect the TeamSpeak pilot queue by checking the Waiting for pilot slot or Waiting for Fighter Pilot channel. If you jump the queue, you will be removed from the slot. If someone has jumped the queue in front of you, inform a staff member.


   If a pilot's game crashes, it is up to the next pilot in the queue whether they take the slot or wait for the previous pilot to return.


4.  At server restart, the pilot slots are first in, first served. Your position in the queue is irrelevant. If you are waiting in the queue near restart time, try your best to get a slot at restart or continue waiting.


In the event of a server crash, pilots retain their slots.


5.  CAS pilots and UAV operators must follow the ROE at all times https://strayagaming.com.au/forums/topic/15329-ia-jetcasartillery-roe/


6.  Only 1 pilot is allowed per aircraft. Exception is if a pilot has requested evac.


7.  Transport pilots should land their aircraft on one of the marked pads on the apron at main spawn. If all pads are occupied, find a suitable place to land nearby, such as the grassed area behind the pads.


8.  Pilots must not play as infantry while in a pilot slot. You can wait a maximum of 5 minutes for repairs/evac.


9.  You must be able to fly AND LAND any aircraft with reasonable competence. If you do not have experience in any aircraft, you may be asked to leave the role.


10.  This is a public server. Helicopters are not private/reserved transport. A pilot’s primary role is to provide timely and indiscriminate transport to and from objectives for all players.


11.  If you are an inexperienced pilot, please consider the time and enjoyment of others. The editor is there for a reason.






If you see any player in violation of the above rules, contact a staff member on TeamSpeak.




Rules of Engagement ( ROE )






CAS: Close Air Support - Any armed UAV, fixed-wing or rotor-propelled aircraft  - excludes armament on transport helicopters


Fire Support / Indirect Fire ( IDF ) :  Fixed or mobile artillery / mortars. Smoke shells included.





1. CAS and Fire Support / IDF CANNOT engage surface targets ( boats included ) without tasking by ground forces ( infantry near the target ). The exception is the UAV operator who can designate and request support.


A valid tasking / call-in is as follows:


A friendly infantryman typing a request into Side Channel, stating a specific position and/or target that is within line of sight.


Support requests made by other Pilots are not valid.


The player requesting support AND the Pilot or Fire Support gunner must ensure, to the best of their ability, that no friendlies are in the target area.


2. The ONLY targets which can be engaged at free will are as follows:


Enemy attack aircraft - Attack helicopters and enemy jets.


Enemy vehicles outside of the AO / Side Mission area that pose a risk to other friendly aircraft i.e. ≥2km outside of the objective area.


During a HQ Defence CAS and IDF may freely engage >100m from HQ’s exterior


3. Targets that CANNOT be engaged under any circumstances are:


The HQ.


The Radio Tower.





1. Do not fly near objectives unless necessary to complete a specific mission. This puts the enemy on alert and, for some Side Missions, triggers a timer.


2. Do not ram or attempt to ram into targets, objectives or aircraft.


3. Do not interfere with Zeus missions/objectives/targets under any circumstance unless specifically requested.



If you see any player in violation of the above rules, contact a staff member on TeamSpeak.







A server - based reporting function. A prompt is given in the corner of the screen when friendly fire induced damage has been received. The scroll menu provides the option to lodge or dismiss a report. Accumulation of excessive Robocop reports


  • Prevents the use and removes player from vehicles



  • Automated server kick, reconnection prevented until server restarts


Players are advised to exercise their own judgement in determining the degree of maliciousness of friendly induced damage.




Disclaimer: All aforementioned information is verified as accurate and reflective of current conditions at the time of publish.


Edited by Persona-non-Grata
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