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Invade & Annex - Surface Warfare and Relevant Concerns

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Arsenal crates grant access to all of ARMA 3's weaponry and apparel. They are a specific crate type.



Note that certain equipment is absent in the list to prevent Personnel IDentification ( PID ) and Identification Friend or Foe ( IFF ) errors.


The following equipment restrictions to respective classes are in effect:


  • Navid and SPMG MMGs, CAR-95-1, MXM, Zafir LMGs to Autoriflemen

  • Cyrus and MAR-10 DMRs to Marksmen

  • GM6 Lynx and M320 LRR to snipers

  • Verona, Titan AT, Titan AA, to AT Specialists

  • Toolkits to Engineers

  • Medkits to Medics / Combat Life Savers ( CLS )


DLC weaponry and outfits can be obtained through the Arsenal but once dropped or exchanged through any non-Arsenal interface, will be irrecoverable.


Interaction with Arsenal crates is done through tapping spacebar when the bolded font ARSENAL appears, triggered by looking at the crate within sufficient proximity.









Located behind the spawn area is a carpark. All vehicles there are available to anyone, obtained on a 1st come 1st served basis. Vehicle activation limit of 3 vehicles per 5 minutes is imposed.


Vehicles can have their inventories edited at this location dubbed Inventory.



Placing a vehicle within this station permits editing its inventory. The vehicle is to be left in it, disembarked an approached and will display Edit Inventory which is confirmed by hitting spacebar.




After a brief moment, this will be displayed. The player may load what he wishes beyond the actual maximum capacity of the vehicle. The bar at the bottom of the interface signifies the quantity of items loaded. If maximum capacity is exceeded, removal of items cannot be returned to the vehicle unless spare capacity is present.




Servicing and cage armor application is available at Vehicle Service.




Cage armor application is available for compatible vehicles alone. All interaction is done through the scroll menu and the engine must be off for any procedure to be carried out.






Ironsides ( Tank Crew )




Ironsides members are classified as engineers. They may equip Toolkits necessary for repairs and are the only personnel able to use tank crew positions ( Commander, Gunner, Driver ).


Tanks available:


  • M43A1 Slammer UP ( left )

  • MBT-52 Kuma ( center )

  • T-100 Varsuk ( right ) OR T-14 Angara ( hourly spawn rate, 50-50 chance of either )




Tank Destroyer:


  • Rhino MGS ( right )


Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun ( SPAAG ) 


  • IFV-6a Cheetah ( 30 minute spawn time ) ( left )






  • AI restricted from Commander, Gunner, Driver positions on all tanks and tank destroyers

  • AI allowed to crew IFV-6a Cheetah

  • M43A1 Slammer’s 6 passenger seats accessible to players and AI

Servicing and cage armor application is available at the Vehicle Service station to the right of the Ironside spawn location.




Cage armor application is available for compatible vehicles alone. All interaction is done through the scroll menu and the engine must be off for any procedure to be carried out.



Artillery and Mortar



Artillery spawns at base surrounded by Hesco bastions. It is a static piece demarcated by a blue rectangle and the word Arty on the map. It is obligatorily bound by ROE ( refer to ROE ). It manifests as either an M5 Sandstorm or an M4 Scorcher and its ammunition is replenished on a per AO basis. No other seat excluding the gunner's is operable.




Mortar gunners have access to the Mk 6 Mortar. It is assembled by placing a Folded Mk6 Mortar Bipod bag on the ground, equipping a Folded Mk6 Mortar Tube backpack and walking up to the former, interact with the scroll menu to assemble. Mortars cannot be rearmed with ammo crates. Once ammo is expended from 1 Folded Mk6 Mortar Tube backpack, the mortar need be disassembled and reassembled with new tubes. Original bipods may be reused.



Joint Tactical Air Controller ( JTAC ) and Squad Leaders



JTACs and Squad Leaders have the ability to create CAS tasks by lasing targets with a laser designator, which requires the possession of at least 1 battery to provide a lase with. CAS tasks constitute legitimate call ins per ROE for as long as the task exists.







Disclaimer: All aforementioned information is verified as accurate and reflective of current conditions at the time of publish.


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