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    Steam Giftcard Winners

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    The Halloween Steam Gift Card will be drawn shortly through the StrayaGaming Youtube channel on a livestream; 

    Tune in and watch live the drawn winners of the three $10 Steam Gift Cards and the $25 Steam Gift Card. 

    There will be two separate draws, one for the $25 Card and one for the three $10 Cards, if you win one of the cards in a draw you will be taken out of the draw.

    eg. If you win a $10 Card you may not win another $10 Card although you can win the $25 Card as it is in another draw.

    Winners will be contacted on the forums with instructions on how to redeem gift cards.

    Thank you to all participants that where involved in the events and all staff members that gave a hand towards the production and assistance in events.

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  • Fusionable    355


    The stream has ended,

    Thank you and congratulations to all participants here are our winners;

    $25 Steam Gift Card - DogofWar, @Dogofwar

    $10 Steam Gift Card - marcus232, @Marcus

    $10 Steam Gift Card - Chadd, @Chadd

    $10 Steam Gift Card - Zed, @Eagle


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