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ArmA 3 Guide - Faction and Vehicle Identification

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Welcome to StrayaGaming ArmA 3 Invade & Annex
This is targeted for introducing newcomers of ArmA 3, whom have limited experience with Mil-Sim games.

This will be focused on the Identification of Factions, their equipment and Vehicles.



The below images are the current factions seen here; BLUFOR, NATO, OPFOR, CSAT and INDEPENDENT, AAF or GREENFOR



We will take a close look in detail of these factions and how to identify from Friend or Foe.


Notice: Uniforms, equipment and weapons in I&A are not restricted to their respective factions, thus meaning OPFOR or INDEPENDENT gear can be worn by BLUFOR and vice versa.




They are the good guys of ArmA 3 and use U.S Military grade equipment similar in today's standards.
Their main armament is as follows:

  • MX Series; MX 6.5mm, MXC 6.5mm, MX3GL 6.5mm, MXSW 6.5mm and MXM 6.5mm
  • SPAR Series; SPAR-16 5.56mm, SPAR-16GL 5.56mm, SPAR-16S 5.56mm and SPAR-17 7.62mm
  • Machine Guns; SPMG .338
  • Side arms; P07 9mm and 4-Five 45. ACP
  • Launchers; PCML and MAAWS Mk 4 Mod 1
  • Precision Weaponry; MK-I EMR 7.62mm, MAR-10 .338 and M320 LRR .408
  • Vermin .45 ACP SMG for Pilots.

Equipment consist of:

  • U.S. Forces Fatigues, MTP, CTRG Fatigues with Black/Grey Splinter camo. Heli Pilots wear Green coveralls, Jet Pilots Blue 
  • Carrier Rig and Lite, Special Rig for Medics and Grenade Launcher Rig for Explosive Specialists
  • Light Combat, Standard and Enhanced Combat Helmets (LCH, CH, ECH)
  • Night Vision Goggles and Enhanced Night Vision Goggles, with latter having access to Thermals.


How to Identify the Units:
NATO Forces use MTP colourisation for all their units, and weapons a Tan-Sandy colour. CTRG Forces use Splinter pattern Black/Grey and Black coloured weaponry. They are the only forces that has access to Carrier Vests and a variety of Combat Helmets.



The bad guys, just as tough and possess a much more variety of firepower.

Armament as follows:

  • Katiba Series; Katiba 6.5mm, Katiba Carbine 6.5mm and Katiba GL 6.5mm
  • CAR Series; CAR-95 5.8mm, CAR-95 GL 5.8mm and CAR-95-1 5.8mm
  • Machine Guns; Navid 9.3mm, Zafir 7.62mm
  • Side arms; Rook-40 9mm and Zubr .45 ACP
  • Launchers; RPG-42 and 9M135 Vorona
  • Precision Weaponry; Rahim 7.62mm, CMR-76 6.5mm, Cyrus 9.3mm, ASP-1 Kir 12.7mm and GM6 Lynx 12.7mm
    • ASP-1 Kir 12.7mm is using Subsonic rounds, thus having shorter range than other rifles.
  • Sting 9mm SMG for Pilots.
  • Type 115 Rifle 6.5mm & .50 BW for Viper Squadrons

Equipment consist of:

  • Armoured Bodysuit with Brown Hex, Urban Blue/Grey Hex. Heli Pilots and Jet Pilots wear enhanced Pilot Overalls, Semi-Arid Hex. Viper Squadrons are equipped with Special Purpose Suits reinforced with additional protection and insulated from Thermals.
  • LBV Harnesses and Grenadier variant.
  • Protector, Assassin, Defender Helmets and Viper Special Purpose Helmets.
  • Compact Night Vision Goggles. Viper Helmets use both Night Vision and Thermals.

How to Identify the Units:

CSAT Forces make use of Brown colourisation in their uniforms and some of the weapons, blending in well with arid regions. To tell the difference between enemy or friendly, their helmets, weapons or even uniforms are easily identifiable.




The neutral ground between the two factions. They can fight BLUFOR, OPFORor both at once.
Armament as follows:

  • Mk20 Series; Mk20 5.56mm, Mk20C 5.56mm, Mk20 EGLM 5.56mm
  • Machine Guns; Mk200 6.5mm
  • Side arms; ACP-C2 .45 ACP
  • Launchers; RPG-42 and PCML
  • Precision Weaponry; Mk 18 ABR 7.62mm and GM6 Lynx 12.7mm
  • PDW2000 9mm for Pilots.

Equipment consists of:

  • Digital Green Combat Fatigues. Heli Pilots use Tan coveralls, Jet Pilots Green
  • GA Carrier Rig and Lite and GA Carrier GL Rig.
  • Modular Combat Helmets
  • Standard Night Vision Goggles

How to Identify the Units:

AAF Forces use a Digital Green Camouflage to match the terrain and forestry, and is useful against NVGs. To tell from Friend or Foe, they will wear green uniforms.




Notice: Vehicles in I&A are not restricted to respective factions, thus meaning OPFOR or INDEPENDENT tanks can be used by BLUFOR, and vice versa







From Left to Right:

  • HEMTT (Ammo, Repair, Fuel, Transport, Medical), Prowler (HMG, AT), Hunter (GMG, HMG)

HEMTT; Multi-Purpose, comes their loads fixed. Useful for bringing in cargo where air is not feasible.

Prowler; Light Transport, allows Fire From Vehicle and is fast.

Armed Variants have the rear seats at the back removed in exchange for firepower.

Hunter; MRAP Transport, carries only 4 soldiers, but is protected from small arms fire and certain mines.





From Top Left to Bottom Right:

  • AMV-7 Marshall, IFV-6c Panther, M4 Scorcher, M2A1 Slammer, Rhino MGS, CRV-6e Bobcat, IFV-6a Cheetah, M5 Sandstorm MLRS, M2A4 Slammer UP, Rhino MGS UP

AMV-7 Marshall; Amphibious Transport IFV, carries troops and provides fire support with 40mm Cannon and 7.62mm MG.

IFV-6c Panther; APC, Heavily Armoured against small arms and cannon shells.

CRV-6e Bobcat; Support Vehicle, allows field repairs, rearming and refuelling.

IFV-6a Cheetah; AA Vehicle, Serves to eliminate air threats in mission areas.

M4 Scorcher; Artillery, 155mm Howitzer capable of levelling target zones. Comes with a 12.7mm HMG and 40mm GMG for Self Defence.

M5 Sandstorm MLRS; Artillery, similar but uses rockets instead, and does not have a Commander seat.

M2A1 Slammer; MBT, Has a 120mm Cannon.

M2A4 Slammer UP; MBT, 120mm Cannon, with ERA plating splattered on the tank and carries infantry.

Rhino MGS; Tank Destroyer, 120mm Cannon and .338 MG. Can use ATGM missiles and Laser Designator.

Rhino MGS UP; Tank Destroyer, Same Armaments, but has 12.7mm HMG on Commander seat.





From Left to Right:

  • MH-9 Hummingbird, AH-9 Pawnee, UH-80 Ghosthawk, CH-67 Huron and AH-99 Blackfoot.

MH-9 Hummingbird; Transport helicopter used for quickly deploying troops in and out of mission areas.

AH-9 Pawnee; Light CAS chopper used as fire support for ground forces using Miniguns and DAR rockets.

UH-80 Ghosthawk; Transport helo carrying more infantry than the MH-9, and is armed with miniguns.

CH-67 Huron; A Heavy Lift and Transport, capable of lifting vehicles and infantry at once.

AH-99 Blackfoot; CAS helicopter. Has 20mm cannon, set of DAGR rockets and AA missiles.


From Left to Right:

  • A-164 Wipeout, F/A-181 Black Wasp and Stealth Variant

A-164 Wipeout; Heavy CAS, Carries a wide array of ordnance and comes with a 30mm Cannon.

The 30mm will destroy vehicles and infantry alike when hit with a burst, and easily knocks out tanks.

F/A-181 Black Wasp; Multi-Role, uses same ordnance, utilises the 20mm Cannon.

The Stealth variant is notably different as it has its loads inside the aircraft, reducing possibility of lock-on.


How to Identify the Vehicles:

NATO Land Vehicles are always a Tan colour. Aircraft are occasionally OD Green or Black. CTRG Vehicles use Splinter patterns, where NATO does not use any.







From Left to Right:

  • Tempest (Transport, Medical, Repair, Fuel, Ammo), Ifrit (HMG, GMG), Qilin (AT, Minigun)

Tempest; Multi-Purpose, Armoured against small arms. Similar to the HEMTT.

Ifrit; MRAP Transport, Just as armoured as the Hunter, but faster and has an additional seat.

Qilin; Light Transport, Similar to the Prowler.

Qilin AT; Light Transport, uses the Vorona instead of the Titan.

Qilin Minigun; Light Transport, Minigun allows hosing of an area. Inaccurate and little ammo reserves.





From Left to Right:

  • MSE-3 Marid, BTR-K Kamysh, ZSU-39 Tigris, T-100 Varsuk, 2S9 Sochor, T-140 Angara and K Variant

MSE-3 Marid; Amphibious Transport IFV, Less armour and firepower than the Marshall, but just as mobility capable in water and on land.

BTR-K Kamysh; IFV, Armoured, Fast, Transport capable and Heavily armed with AT missiles and 30mm Cannon.

ZSU-39 Tigris; AA Vehicle, Similar to the Cheetah but on the Kamysh Chassis.

T-100 Varsuk; MBT, Fast and uses a 120mm Cannon, along with a 12.7mm HMG. It has a low profile compared to other tanks.

T-140 Angara; MBT, 125mm Cannon, high profile and difficult to kill. Crew sit in a cabin on the front of the tank.

T-140K Angara; MBT, Commander Variant that features a rapid fire 30mm Cannon usable by the Commander. Comes with passive radar and is Data-Link enabled.





From Left to Right:

  • PO-30 Orca and Armed Variant, Mi-48 Kajman and Mi-290 Taru

PO-30 Orca; Transport, has access to a Radar Warning Receiver and Countermeasures compared to the MH-9

Armed Variant has access to the minigun and DAGR rockets.

Mi-48 Kajman; CAS, armed and armoured, this flying tank is capable of transporting troops and provides fire support for ground forces.

Mi-290 Taru; Heavy Lift, a helo without passenger seats capable of even lifting a Gryphon from the ground, is the best heavy lifter in CSATs arsenal out of all the factions.


From Left to Right:

  • To-199 Neophron, To-201 Shikra and Stealth Variant

To-199 Neophron; CAS, Less powerful than the Wipeout, but fast and agile.

To-201 Shikra; Multi-Role, Faster than any aircraft and armed with plenty of ordnance.

Stealth Variant is the same as the Black Wasp.

How to Identify the Vehicles:

CSAT Vehicles always use Hexagonal Pattern Brown. Some aircraft such as the Mi-48 Kajman sport Black camouflage instead of Hex, and the To-201 Shikra using Grey Hex or straight Blue camo.







From Left to Right:

  • Strider (HMG, GMG), Zamak (Transport, Medical, Repair, Fuel, Ammo, MRL)

Strider; Armoured Transport, Balanced between the Hunter and Ifrit, combines armour and speed. Comes with a periscope for recon and laser designating.

Zamak; Multi-Purpose, like the HEMTT and Tempest. Additional variant is a Multiple Rocket Launcher.




From Left to Right:

  • AFV-4 Gorgon, FV-720 Mora, AWC Nyx (AA, AT, Recon, Autocannon), MBT-52 Kuma

AFV-4 Gorgon; Amphibious Transport IFV, Slow to accelerate and high profile, nonetheless it is water capable, has 30mm Cannon and carries AT missiles.

FV-720 Mora; IFV, More armoured than the Gorgon, exchanging for less passengers.

AWC Nyx; Multi-Purpose, Fast and Agile, Small and only two seats, this Tankette is suitable for scouting, Search & Destroy missions or as an AA Vehicle.




From Left to Right:

  • WY-55 Hellcat and Armed Variant, CH-49 Mohawk

WY-55 Hellcat; Transport, sporting a mighty engine, the Hellcat is able to reach top flight speed fast and carries heavier loads than the Hummingbird.

Armed Variant allows FFV due to open doors, and serves as a CAS helicopter.

CH-49 Mohawk; Transport, capable of carrying a large volume of troops, it can also airlift heavier loads that the Hellcat could not, such as the Nyx.


From Left to Right:

  • A-143 Buzzard (AA and CAS), A-149 Gryphon

A-143 Buzzard; Multi-Role, slow and limited ordnance, this little plane is less capable than the other jet aircraft.

A-149 Gryphon; Multi-Role, Faster than the Buzzard, Maneuvrable. Is capable of defeating even the Shikra or Black Wasp when flown by an experienced pilot.

How to Identify the Vehicles:

AAF Vehicles all use Digital Green Camouflage. Sometimes, vehicles such as the Nyx and Hellcat use green without a digital pattern.



TLDR; In I&A Terms, "If hes wearing a ghillie suit, with a sniper and rocket launcher, he's probably a friendly."


This Guide will be subject to change in the future.

Edited by Jake-_-Stones910
Changed BLUFOR & OPFOR Vehicle info.
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