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Your Job and Responsibility. A guide to the Objectives in Invade and Annex

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This guide is here for all the newbies playing on the Strayagaming Invade and Annex Server/s.


This is the 1st part in a multi-part Guide on the Strayagaming Invade and Annex Servers - The Infantry.


The overall objective of Invade and Annex is that the opposing forces are attempting to seize control of the map your playing on, and it's your job to stop this from happening. You complete this task by moving into one of two objective styles. Either AO's (Area of Operations) or Side Missions. I will go into further detail on these later on. As you complete objectives, new ones will spawn in and you are to move and strike. This process repeats in procedurally generated missions.

 In Strayagaming the maps your most likely to fight on is Altis, although we have variations on both Malden and Tanoa.


The Primary Objective

Area of Operations (AO)

The 1st style of objective that you will encounter is the AO. This is a zone that is marked on the map and is under control by enemy forces. It is your job to move to the objective through any means necessary (Via Air, Sea or Land) and destroy sub-objectives in the AO, as well as eliminate all enemy presence in the zone. This zone will contain many enemy foot patrols including, Sniper Teams, Anti-Tank Strike Teams, Standard Fireteams and Squads and the Occasional Viper Squad that is dropped in as reinforcements. There may also be static MG's, Light Armoured Vehicles, Armed Cars, IFV's and MBT's, as well as Anti-Air emplacements in the AO. It is often the case that enemy Air Support in the form of either a MI-48 Kajman, PO-30 Orca or a WY-55 Hellcat. Enemy Jets are also known to frequent AO's, supported by UAV's.

Destroying these vehicles will help greatly in thinning the enemies resistance in the AO's.


Inside the AO there are a number of Side Objectives that can Spawn. I will go into detail with these below

Headquarters (HQ)

  • The HQ is one of the Sub-objectives that has a 100% chance to appear in the AO. It will be manned by a Squad Strength element and Contains the Commander of the AO. Removing him will help demoralize the enemy Units.
  • The HQ also comes stocked with various crates of ammunition, and on the odd occasion Vehicle ammunition.
  • To capture the HQ simply remove all inhabitants and either kill or capture the commander.


  • The Radiotower is the other Sub-objective that has a 100% chance to appear in the AO. It will have up to 2 squad strength elements within the immediate vicinity, and is often protected by a mine field. The minefield is shown by a Barbed wire fence surrounding the Tower (If no wire is present, a minefield is not present).
  • The Radiotower is crucial to the enemy operations as it allows them to call in reinforcement squads and ground vehicles. If this tower is destroyed, no air support, reinforcement squads or vehicles will show up to the AO.
  • To destroy the Radiotower units must make their way to the base of the tower and plant numerous explosives they have brought with them. Generally speaking 2 Explosive Charges does the job, or 1 Satchel Charge.

Data Link

  • The Datalink is a sub-objective that doesn't always appear in AO's, but is in the majority of them. It's often located in small forested areas and consists of a single metal structure. It tends to have a Fire team (2-4 man) compliment inside the building, and a squad sized element surrounding it.
  • The Datalink is crucial to the enemy operations as it increases cohesian between the enemy supporting elements, like CAS, UAV and Mortar Support. It also allows the enemies to locate you faster as they are able to communicate between each other.
  • To destroy the Datalink you simply have to interact with the computer device on the inside to disable it.

The Supply Depot

  • The Supply Depot is a sub-objective that doesn't always appear in AO's, but is in the majority of them. They consist of a H-Barrier rectangle shape with many crates of ammo within it. It will be guarded by a Squad Size compliment on the inside, and potential teams on the outside.
  • The Supply Depot doesn't provide to major a role in the enemy operations, but capturing it means the potential resupply of friendly units.
  • To Capture the depot, simply interact with the Hex-coloured pod in the middle (Preferably after removing the enemy presence).

The GPS Jammer

  • The GPS Jammer is a sub-objective that doesn't always appear in AO's, and appears to be the least frequent of all of them. It consists of a Hex-coloured pod that has several antennae protruding out of it.
  • It's role serves to blackout a specific section of the AO. In how it appears to players - a large black mark will appear over the map, making the accurate marking of anything within the circle impossible.
  • To destroy the GPS Jammer, all it takes a single rocket or placed explosive to blow it up.

The Medivac

  • The Medivac is an objective that has a chance of appearing upon an AO spawning, or during an AO. Once it has spawned, friendly units has 60 Minutes to retrieve a wounded soldier and return him to the Medivac tent at BASE. Doing this will award the Player who initially retrieved the soldier and the one who placed him in the medivac tent with points.


  • The HVT (High Value Target) is a mission that can appear during or at the start of an AO. It involves a High Value Target appearing in the AO. It is imperative that this HVT is captured. He will likely be holed up in a building with a bodyguard detail. Once captured he is to be taken to the GITMO at BASE.

Unmarked Sub-Objectives

Inside the AO there are a number of sub-objectives that are not marked on the map explicitly.

  • Mortar Pits - These pits contain 3x Mortars that are all manned, as well as 2-3 guarding infantry. Upon a UAV or Spotter identifying a threat, red smoke will deploy on the target. This indicates that the mortar pit is about to fire several shells into the marked location. Be wary however, as Red Smoke can also indicate a CAS strike. Simply kill the occupants of the pit in order to destroy the pit.
  • Anti-Air emplacements - These emplacements will consist of either Tigris' or Cheetah's. These vehicles have a large volume of Anti-Air Missiles as well as 30mm HE Cannons used to destroy aircraft, light vehicles and infantry. Simply destroying these vehicles is sufficient to have them destroyed.
  • Prisoner Extract - While these missions are marked on the map, they are only done so after a friendly unit has "Captured" an enemy personal or commander. This mission involves the friendly units protecting and escorting the prisoner to the GITMO at BASE. They can be extracted from the AO either by Air, Sea or Ground.
  • 1170649134_20181102100351_1(800x450).jpg.dba0c2967bc40d394f3bec976e7705dc.jpg


  • This has a chance of occurring once an AO has been cleared. The CSAT forces manage to muster up a force of aircraft, vehicles and infantry to attempt to retake the HQ you captured from them during the assault. You will have 2-3 minutes to get to the HQ and prepare before various enemy units will continuously appear for 20+ minutes. Hold out as long as you can.

Side Missions

Side Missions are a smaller, but equally as important objective as the AO. They usually involve smaller AO's where the primary objective is to either capture or destroy enemy Radars, Vehicles, Artillery or Intel. These Missions, when completed Successfully will give the BLUFOR units a reward vehicle of some kind. From Strider GMG's, to attack helicopters, to armed V44X Blackfish Gunships.

The Anti-Air Battery

  • The Anti-Air Battery is a side Objective that spawns 2 anti-air emplacements in a relatively close proximity to main base. These Battery's have an unlimited range, and are only limited by the range of the missiles they carry (up to 5km). These will wreak havoc on any friendly aircraft that are approaching or leaving base. They will be guarded by various squads of infantry and Light to Heavy Vehicles, and even other AA Units. To complete this mission Units must destroy these enemy AA Vehicles.

The Artillery Battery

  • The Artillery Battery is a side objective that spawns various Artillery units which has the capability to wreak havoc on the AO's from great distances. They will be guarded by squads of infantry and light-heavy vehicles. To complete this mission you must destroy the Artillery vehicles.

The Regenerator

  • One of the most difficult missions to win. This mission involves CSAT deploying VIPER Troops with regenerating health and extract armour to a specified area in order to lock it down. As squads are wiped out, they respawn after a short delay at the Regenerator itself. Your objective is simple. Destroy the Regenerator.

The Intel Missions

  • This mission can come in 1 of 3 forms. Either a Secure Officer Mission, Secure Vehicle Mission, or Secure UAV Mission.
  • The Secure Officer Mission involves friendly units moving towards and apprehending an enemy officer who has crucial intelligence on enemy movements. He must not be killed.
  • The Secure Vehicle Missions involves friendly units identifying and disabling a vehicle of important as it is carrying crucial intel on the enemy. This vehicle must be disabled and captured. It must NOT be destroyed.
  • The Secure UAV Mission requires a little bit of Swimming. A UAV has Crashed landed in the Ocean off the coast. It is your job to suit up and secure the UAV. You have been given a device that will periodically give you a read out with how strong the signal is to the UAV. Use this to triangulate it's position. Once found, secure it.
  • All these missions will contain enemy infantry units and light vehicles, and boats (In the UAV Mission)

The Truck Escort

  • This mission involves friendly units Escorting a truck of supplies to a specified location in Altis. It is no easy feat however, as you will face enemy units, as well as potentially landmines. Simply escort the truck to location in order to complete this mission.

The Smuggled Explosives

  • Insurgents are attempting to smuggle in explosives along the coastline. Your objective is to gather a team and move to secure the explosives, before they get into enemy hands. This is done by locating the structure they are in on the coast, and secure them for detonating. Warning - You will only have 15 seconds to run before the explosives go off. There will be enemy Infantry and Vehicles at this Objective.

The Secure Radar

  • This Objective involves the Securing of an Enemy Radar station that has popped up. It is guarded by infantry and vehicles. Your objective is to reach the facility - and destroy it. Warning - Once the charges are set, you will have 15 seconds to get away before it explodes.


  • This mission involves finding and securing Friendly asset code named "Kerry". He has been captured by enemy units and is due to be executed soon. Your job is to remain as quiet as possible, asking civilians for information in order to ascertain his exact location. As soon as the enemies discover you, a countdown will begin until his execution (usually 10-15 minutes). Once you have located "Kerry", disarm the explosives on him and evacuate him to the MEDIVAC tent located at BASE. He is very wounded and will not last forever. Once you have retrieved him, a countdown will begin. This Objective will contain a lot of enemy infantry units. 
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