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Infantry and You. A guide to the Infantry Roles on Invade and Annex

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This guide is here for all the newbies playing on the Strayagaming Invade and Annex Server/s.


This is the 2nd part in a multi-part Guide on the Strayagaming Invade and Annex Servers - The Infantry.


The Infantry is the basic Unit that the majority of the players on the Invade and Annex Server (Will be shortened to IA for the rest of this guide) will be playing. Being an infantry is not so basic as just clicking a role and playing. Each role has some kind of responsibility on the Battlefield. This guild will go through each Role and how they play on the IA Servers. Some weapons are also restricted to specific roles.

The Squad Leader

  • This Class has an ability that is shared with the JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller). This ability involves the marking up of High Value Targets for all members of NATO to see.
  • This ability is used by equipping some kind of Binocular device. Whether it be Binoculars, Laser Designators or Rangefinders. From here, target a vehicle and you will see a "Report Target" option appear. Use that option and keep targetting the vehicle until the progress bar is complete.
  • 1228530340_20181102095516_1(800x450).jpg.c3d482d944260b63e1ae9c9923e85d88.jpg
  • Once it is complete, the vehicle will become mark on the map as a target. This target counts as a call out for CAS (Close Air Support) and Artillery, so they can engage at will.
  • You do not have to lead people as the Squad Leader Role, but it is a good role to pick, should you feel the need to boss around the lower ranking Plebians.

The Auto-riflemen (AR)

  • The Autoriflemen is a class that has the ability to use some of the largest and more powerful weapons available as an infantry.
  • These weapons are primarily LMG's or MMG's (Light Machine Gun or Medium Machine Gun).
  • The primary duty of this role is to act as a support and suppressing unit for your allies. Your larger Boxes of ammunition are perfect for keeping the enemies pinned, or shredding them if they move.
  • This role has access to some of the restricted LMG/MMG's like the SPMG and the Navid.

The Engineer/Demolition Specialist

  • The Engineer has varying abilities across the battlefield.
  • The first involves being able to use a tool kit to repair friendly vehicles across the battlefield. Your role is the only one who can do this without the external assistance of a Repair Vehicle or Repair Crate.
  • The second involves the defusal of Mines or IED's that players may encounter across the battlefield. Your toolkit is once again useful in this event, but a secondary tool you will need is the Mine Detector. The Mine Detector can be used by using the Right Panel buttons to cycle through until you find the Mine Detector. Unidentified mines will show up as red filled in Circles. Looking at these and pressing T (Default) will "spot" the mines and identify them. They would be UXO's (Un-exploded Ordnance), simple tripmines, anti-vehicle mines or even IED's (Improved Explosive Device) 
  • 1514256258_20181102095348_1(640x360).jpg.821b437320c4803fcedea194a66f5436.jpg
    • To disarm/defuse these mines you need to go prone and move slowly towards the mine. Once your close enough you will get a scroll menu option to disarm the mine. Make sure to have a toolkit otherwise this will not work. It is also advised you wear one of the EOD or Explosive Resistant vests, as well as an explosive resistant helmet, in the event the mine does go off.
  • The third involves the placing and detonating of explosive devices. While this can be done by anyone with an explosive charge, it primarily falls to the Engineer/Demo Specialist to destroy objects with explosives. Your primary duty will be destroying Radiotowers in the AO (Area of Operations). The Radiotower can be used to call enemy reinforcements, so it's imperative that it is taken out. These towers often have minefields around them.

The Combat Life Saver (CLS/Paramedic)/Medic

  • The CLS has one of the more basic roles of the battlefield, but by far one of the most important.
  • Your job as a CLS is to find injured/incapacitated players and revive them. To achieve this you must have both a Medkit and a First Aid Kit (FAK). You need only carry 1 Medkit, but carry as many FAK's as your storage space permits. As every time you heal/revive a player you will consume 1 FAK.
  • To revive a player, first look either on your map or your ingame screen for orange markers. On the map the players marker will appear orange rather then Blue if they are incapacitated (Image 1 Showing a Dead Player and a vehicle with a dead player inside, Image 2 showing an alive player). On your HUD you will see a flashing symbol with their name . Once you have identified a downed friendly, make your way to their position. It's recommended to use smoke to cover your approach. Once you have reached the player, simply scroll menu and hit revive. NOTE: If you are prone when you revive someone, it will take double the time.
  • Your job is to also Heal any players you may find on the battlefield. The CLS is the only role that can heal a player up to 100/100 health. A standard player using a FAK will only heal up to 75% Health. Signs of an injured player can include limping (if severely injured) or blood on clothing. Simple walk up to the player and press Treat "Rolename" from the Scroll Menu. E.g. Treat Squad Leader.
  • 1262577778_20181102100724_1(800x450).jpg.4d5c1e0b407cf9dbaa049e37af8962c0.jpg1241518185_20181102100731_1(800x450)(2).jpg.84d8c155ea207ab78ffb0ee86b4b2ec0.jpg


The Anti-Tank Missile Specialist/Anti-Tank Gunner/Anti-Air Specialist

  • The AT Gunner has a very simple role. Use whatever ordnance you can muster to eliminate any enemy vehicle presence in the AO.
  • This role gets access to the larger and more powerful Anti-Tank and Anti-Air missile launchers. This includes the Verona and the Titan Compact/Titan MPRL.
  • This role is not specifically designated to just vehicles either. Clearing of buildings/Walls/Objects and large groups of Infantry can also be undertaken by this role.
  • The AT Gunner Roles also have Access to the Anti-Air (AA) Launcher available - the Titan MPRL. This launcher has, funnily enough the capability to fire rounds at enemy aircraft in an attempt to destroy them.
  • It is recommended that AT/AA Gunners make use of the Carryall (Non-DLC) or Bergen (Apex DLC) Backpack's as they carry the most space.

The Grenadier

  • The Grenadier has no specific abilities as per say.
  • However, the role comes with responsibility that you are going to use a Grenade Launcher to inflict pain and devastation upon the enemy. Alternatively, you can be a great support player and use either Smoke Rounds to provide cover, or Flare Rounds to illuminate the night.
  • There are 2 primary variants of Grenade Launchers. Single Role Launchers (Found on various weapons like the Spar or AK's), or the 3GL Variant found exclusively on the MX 3GL Assault Rifle. The only difference is that one of these fires a single round before reloading, and the other can fire 3 before having to Reload.
  • It's important to note that most Grenade Launchers become more difficult to zero for range at about 400-450m distance.

The Marksman/Designated Marksman

  • The Marksman/Designated Marksman has no specific Abilities as per say
  • However the role is more designed for a player who wants to be engaging targets at 500+ Metres with DMR's (Designated Marksman Rifles). These rifles often carry relatively powerful ammunition that can kill some targets in as little as one hit. 
  • The Role is also used as a Recon Role. Your job can be one where you sit on a hill engaging targets, but also calling those targets out for Friendly Units to engage, or informing those Units of enemy Positions that you may lack the firepower to destroy.

The Sniper

  • This role has access to the single most power infantry-infantry weapons that are accessible to a player. This being the .50 Cal Sniper Rifles, the M320 and the GM6 Lynx.
  • Whether your prefer a more accurate weapon with a higher round speed and longer engagement range of the M320or the Stopping Power of Anti Material APDS Rounds that can be equipped on the GM6 Lynx.
  • Your Role is Twofold. Your first role to act as Long Range Support for your infantry on the ground. Spotting and taking out enemy units that may be flanking or engaging Friendly Units. Your second role is to act as a recon unit. Spotting and calling out Infantry Groups, Objectives or Vehicles for your friendly Units to be wary of and/or take out.
  • Your expected to be sitting on a hill provide support, and provide counter-sniper fire on the enemy snipers.


  • The JTAC role has the same ability as the Squad Leader role. Being able to target enemy vehicles for CAS/Artillery Strikes.
  • The whole purpose of this role is to be a communicator between your support units (which will be outlined in another guide) and your ground infantry forces.


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