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Invade & Annex - Bases and Logistics

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Forward Operating Bases ( FOBs )




FOBs are facilities denoted by rectangles on the map with text designating their name. Yellow FOB icons indicate ones that are not activated, blue ones are activated. Activation is triggered by interacting with a console within the FOB through the scroll menu, and selecting “ Activate FOB “. Clicking on the rectangular map icon displays FOB status in the top right hand corner.








  • Respawn

  • Rearm

  • Refuel

  • Repair


FOB activation affects following AO spawns. They will tend to spawn within closer proximity to the FOB, and following AOs will tend to spawn closer to one another. The respective individual crates must be supplied to the FOB before the respective service can be made available ( refer to Logistics ).




Aircraft servicing is done on the designated helicopter landing pad







and within the zone demarcated by concrete barriers for ground vehicles.






Players must disembark their vehicles and interact with them via the scroll menu within proximity of their vehicles for servicing.






Crates provide their respective services to the FOB as aforementioned. They are located at the crate area as demarcated on the map by a blue rectangle and the word Crate Area.

Cuboidal crates ( only transportable via CH-67 Huron, Mi-280 Taru, V-44X Blackfish Vehicle Transport ) :


  • Huron Repair Crate ( 1 )

  • Huron Refuel Crate ( 2 )

  • Huron Ammo Crate ( 3 )

  • Huron Cargo Container ( 4 )  ( provides unarmed vehicle spawns for transit at FOB )



Cubic crate ( transportable by any rotary aircraft or V-44X Vehicle Transport ) :



  • NATO Ammo Crate ( 5 )



Taru Crates:




  • Taru Medical Pod ( 6 )  ( provides 10 respawn tickets per pod, 1 respawn depletes 1 ticket )


  • Taru Transport Pod ( 7 ) ( for infantry transport only )


  • Taru Bench Pod ( 8 ) ( for infantry transport only )



Cargo Net ( 9 )











NATO cargo HEMTTs located in the motorpool can also be driven into FOBs to activate the services. From left to right: Ammo, Cargo, Fuel, Medical, Repair.



All crates, pods and cargo nets can have their inventory customized. Achieved by interacting with the crate through scroll menu, selecting Edit Inventory.


A short loading period will pass before presented with this interface where its contents can be selected.




Procedure for loading cuboidal crates aboard V-44Xs ( Vehicle Transport variant, color coded as blue on the server ) :




Note bene: Ramp doors need not be opened. Containers can be loaded into the V-44X from any angle provided they are within sufficient proximity to the V-44X. Walking up to the container, selecting Load Cargo through the on screen prompt or scroll menu suffices.



Sling loading: Height of cargo adjusted via Page Up and Page Down keys.



Loading of cargo into surface vehicles:





Side Base and Objectives



The side base is a small facility located several hundred meters northeast of the main base. While within the main base one can teleport to the former by using Left Shift + Left Click with the cursor over the base in the map view.






  • 1 MH-9 Hummingbird ( for transit to and from side objectives only )

  • 1 Prowler Light

  • 1 Offroad

  • 1 Arsenal Crate


    Side objectives appear at ~15-20 min intervals. They are smaller than the main AO and are designated as side missions in the Objectives panel in the map. Side missions are randomly chosen and generated at different locations from a finite selection of missions. It is possible, though rare, for a Side Mission’s AO to intersect or be completely within a primary AO. Spawn rates decrease as player count increases.


    A proper subset of side objectives that significantly hamper gameplay in general. They are identified as



    Priority Mission

    and manifest in 2 forms.


  • AA Battery: SAM launchers protected by hesco bastions, infantry and vehicles with extended range that locks on to aerial targets on a per line of sight basis.

  • Artillery: SPGs protected by hesco bastions, infantry and vehicles that fire periodically at the main AO.




Air Defense System ( ADS )



The ADS is activated by interacting with the laptop in the air control tower ( demarcated by a blue rectangle labelled ATC on the map ) located a few meters Southeast of the main spawn.



When within sufficient proximity of the laptop, a prompt in large white text appears. Hitting spacebar activates ADS.


This spawns ensconced by Hesco bastions in between the 2 runways, and is either a Praetorian 1C or Mk21 Centurion. There will be a minor time lag of a few seconds between activation and spawning of the ADS. The ADS lasts for 300s after which there is a 900s inactivity period during which it cannot be activated.


ADS is only to be activated when hostile CAS is present and there is no friendly CAS to interdict it, or if friendly CAS is too incompetent or unable to do so.



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