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  • Bradley Rasic

    Good Morning :)

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    Hi 🙂 my name's Brass,

    I've been playing on StrayaGaming on and off since 2016 and I love the RP that both AltisLife and Invade & Annex provide.

    I've been playing ARMA 3 since I first got my Gaming PC back in February 2016 and I've got around 980 hours on it so far


    You'll most likely see me on Invade & Annex being the UAV operator or just hanging in the pilot channel doing JTAC 🙂

    I'm a weaboo and also play Garry's Mod sometimes when I'm really bored.. anyways,

    I can't wait to join back into the community and I hope to see you guys around! 👋 

    hmu if u wanna play somethin boi


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  • Jeb    191

    As a person of Japanese nationality, I don't know if I should be happy or concerned at the multiplying amount of Weaboos on Strayagaming. :Thinking3D:

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