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    Altis Life AntiCheat & CQC Servers

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    A general note to non StrayaGaming CQC Server players

    There is a risk that the AntiCheat will detect and ban players who have played on CQC servers that are not hosted by StrayaGaming. These server have a tendency to use mission files which leave code on client side and when join the StrayaGaming Altis Life Server the AntiCheat bans the players for unauthorized code.


    How to not get banned after playing a non SG CQC Server

    To avoid a ban after playing on non SG CQC Server simply restart your game before connecting to SG's Altis Life Sever.


    What if I forget to restart?

    If you forget to restart your game and you join the SG Altis Life Server you will be banned by the AntiCheat under the reason of hacking. If this happens you are required to place a ban appeal. Theses bans will no longer be automatically removed by staff. 


    If you have any questions, please contact myself or a senior member of the Altis Life Staff Team.

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