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    Exile Server Rules

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    Server Rules

    StrayaGaming Exile has these rules in place to ensure the enjoyment of all players while on the server.
    Please also see the community guidelines for additional information that is broadly covered on all StrayaGaming Services.
    Server Admins always have the final say.  

    General Rules 
    1. StrayaGaming Exile is a PvPvE Server! (Player vs Player vs AI Server)
    2. Abuse or Exploitation of any known glitches is expressly forbidden. E.g. Wall glitching, duping
    3. Do not Combat Log. This is a punishable offence. You must accept your fate.
    4. Intentional VDM is forbidden. This also goes for bases.
    5. If you gain access to another players base, Leave the area before logging out.
    6. Do not block access to traders and safe zones.
    7. Do not park vehicles inside the traders as they will be removed.
    8. Abusive behaviour will result in a wipe or ban at admins discretion.
    9. Trading with other players is perfectly acceptable however they must be conducted in the safe zone.
    10. All issues are to be logged via support and evidence provided. 

    Building Rules 
    1. 1 flag/territory per player.
    2. All flags must be placed on the ground.
    3. No building in towns or cities.
    4. Any Vehicles or buildings that impede other players will be removed.
    5. No buildings to be constructed on roads unless the structure goes above the road and doesn’t impede other players.
    6. No buildings are to be constructed on the North West Island.
    7. No buildings to be at military sites.
    8. No buildings at Spawns.
    9. No buildings at concrete mixers.
    10. No buildings at Airfields. 

    Safezone Rules 
    1. No shooting into safezones
    2. No ramming vehicles or running over other players.
    3. No camping or waiting outside safezones for players to leave.
    4. Do not abuse the god mode system at traders, walking in and out to kill other players. 
    Building Regulations 
    Flags and payment of protection money is available at the trader’s office. 
    Below are the levels for buildings: 
    1. Level 1 is free at 20m/100 objects
    2. Level 2 is 10k at 40m/200 objects
    3. Level 3 is 15k at 60m/300 objects
    4. Level 4 is 20k at 80m/400 objects
    5. Level 5 is 25k at 100m/500 objects 
    This is subject to change should the need arise. 

    Lifetime Limits 
    Objects or items that are not interacted with in these periods are removed automatically. Protection paid at the trader is required for your base to remain intact. If you require an extended time frame, please contact support and provide a valid reason. Valid Reasons are at the admin’s discretion.  
    Territory Lifetime = 30 days
    Vehicle Lifetime = 7 days
    Constructions outside of territories = 3 days
    Containers outside of territories = 7 days
    Safe Abandoned = 14 days 
    Below you will find the mods both required and optional for the Server. Mods outside of these are strictly prohibited. 
    Required Mods: 

    Zombies and Demons
    Optional Mods: 
    Enhanced Movement
    JSRS Soundmod
    Advanced Urban Rappelling

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