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    Strayagaming Exile Release

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    StrayaGaming Exile

    As many of you are already aware, over the past few weeks we have been running a private beta for an Exile server, being developed by @webbie.
    Strayagaming is proud to announce that as of the 22/12/18 we will be launching the Arma 3 Exile Server in its first stable build to the public.

    We hope to provide an enjoyable and unique Exile experience that you cannot find anywhere else in the Oceanic Arma community.
    The Exile server will be a PvPvE experience, and will be running on the Malden map with a total of 40 available slots.

    The server details:

    • Server Name: Strayagaming | ExileZ PvPvE
    • Server Connection URL: ex.straya.life:2302
    • Server Join Link: exile.joinstraya.com
    • Available Slots: 40
    • Server Restarts: Every 6 hours at 12:00 and 6:00 (AEDT)

    Staff Details:
    On launch we will be having 3 members of staff for the Exile server.
    @webbie will be appointed as the server developer and administrator. The server will also be moderated by @Jereleet and @pkisbest

    Server Rules:  The server rules can be found here.
    They can also be accessed by clicking the link in the Exile sub-forum or navigating to them via the support menu on the menu bar.

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