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    Andrew Flanders

    Civ Contractor - Andrew Flander

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    Group Name: Flanders Security Consultant

    Group's Founder(s): Kevin Flanders

    Group's members: Andrew Flanders

                                      Stevo Flanders

                                      Kyle Flanders

                                      Dan Flanders

    Roleplay backstory of the group:

    The Flanders family was a poor family with a dream. We moved to a country called altis from Australia. After struggling to get on our feet we finally made it and had our eyes set on gold. We decided at first to be small security officers guarding the local markets and mineral traders but wanted to be better known and brauden our horizons and expand our business. We wondered for months what we could do, before one of us what the idea of becoming security consultants and protecting civilian and government businesses.

    What we can expect to see from you on Altis:

    You should expect the Flanders Security Consultant to be active amongst the community and secuirng areas for money and protecting local business and convoy's

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  • Mitch    511

    Please reply if you are still interest. You have one week for before this application will be denied.

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