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    Nova's gang app

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    novaphoenix    6

    Group Name:Civ-Contractor Sydney BountyHunters

    Group's Founder(s):Viper,Ethan,Nova,Assassinsam1

    Group's members:Viper,Ethan,Nova,Assassinsam1,Mr. J Shufflebottom,maggie

    Roleplay backstory of the group:After a life of crime, robbery and numerous charges we were prepared to change the ways we live in this barren wasteland of a world by making criminals pay for what they've done and for what's been imposed unto other citizens.

    What we can expect to see from you on Altis: With our firm but just ways. We will stop at nothing until until the crime rate has lowered significantly and take the 'fun' away from being a rebel to ensure everyone sticks by the laws.

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  • Mitch    511


    Please come and talk to be about your group in teamspeak.

    Note you can only have one founder. 

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