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    Operation Velvet Thunder - MISSION BRIEF

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    Soldiers, pay close attention to the following specifics of the Velvet Thunder operation. Any questions should be directed to your server commanders. 



    In reference to the map above, please note the starting positions of each team. Bases are approximately 5-6km from the Ghost Hotel capture point, each with varying advantages and disadvantages. Please consider the following team assignments:  OPFOR: Wasteland | BLUFOR: Invade & Annex | Independent: Altis Life 

    In order to complete the operation and oust the opposing forces, your team must be accomplish one of the following:

    • Kill ALL enemy players
    • Capture the Ghost Hotel and hold the zone for 5 minutes


    Throughout the duration of the operation, side missions will be held in 3 designated side mission locations which are currently unknown to our intelligence personnel. We can confirm that high value gear, weaponry and potentially vehicles may be gained by completing these missions. 




    Here are some miscellaneous tid-bits about the Velvet Thunder operation.

    To promote close-quarter-combat (CQC) and strategic combat within the AO, dragon's teeth have been placed at all entrances to the hotel to prevent vehicles from entering the immediate vicinity around the hotel. Minefields have also been placed in highly strategic locations, of which some are marked, and some are not. Players will need to apply caution and not run directly into the AO.

    The default Arma 3 Squad System has been enabled to allow players to divide teams into sniper squads, assault teams, dive teams etc... Player markers on map have been added to help mitigate the chances of friendly fire. 

    @Connor.'s Discord Rich Presence has been enabled as an optional mod for those who would like to show off the mission in style on discord. 

    Thermals, missile launchers, static launchers, stamina, high calibre machine guns,  vehicle respawns have all been removed. No matter what you say, they aren't coming back :Kappa:

    Players may only join the server team of which they play the most hours on average per week. If you play 6 hours a week on AL, and 2 on I&A, you can only play on the AL Team.



    Individual discord servers have been set up for each team so you can discuss your tactics freely and plan for the event. Please send myself a private message  or message @webbie @Noskire for I&A, @bodyboarder2528 @Havoxa for AL and @Nunny @Neanp for Wasteland discord invites. 


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