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    SG Community Team - We're recruiting!

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    Joshua_    658

    StrayaGaming Community Team

    We're recruiting!


    Hey folks,

    The StrayaGaming Community Team is recruiting! 

    We're in search of community members who would like to be involved in the day-to-day operations that are moving this community forward. The SG Community Team is responsible for a variety of SG services, including the planning and running of events, giveaways, competitions and other small projects. Our media orientated members work on graphics and textures for the different servers, videos for our YouTube channel and content for our social pages.

    The Community Team is also responsible for gauging the opinions of the broader community, and implementing changes based on the concerns and suggestions brought to us by community members. 

    We're looking for individuals who have good communication skills, are fluent in the use of Google Docs/Sheets and are able to work in a team environment or independently. Graphic design skills or video editing skills are a bonus. 

    If you're interested in applying for a position and think you have met the requirements, please submit an application here.

    Have questions? Don't hesitate to flick us a message. 

    @Joshua_ & @Slep. (Community Team Leaders)

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  • .Scorpion    32

    If recruitment is open now, does that mean that applications submitted before now have to be resubmitted?

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    Joshua_    658

    @RadScorpion great question. All previously submitted applications do not need to be resubmitted. Expect a response within the next week or so :seemsgood:

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    Rezah    88

    i would love to look further into this 🙂

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