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    The long awaited return of crafting has finally come to Altis Life!

    The steps to crafting are simple and can be found below:

    1. Collect all needed virtual items.
    2. Hold the items on your person (large guns will require bergens).
    3. Open the crafting menu and craft the items.
    4. Once crafted they will become a virtual item. Each virtual crafted item is valid for one physical item.
    5. To make the item physical press USE in the "Y" menu and it will convert it to physical. Make sure you have space for the item and / or the primary weapon slot is free before using the item.


    Please note that Tier 5 weapons are currently not craft-able as they will not fit into the players backpack. This will be fixed with an increase to backpack size over night. We required Connor's assistance with this change due to the set up of some files. If you collect all items required for a Tier 5 weapons please contact a member of Altis Life Senior Staff and they will provide the weapon for you.


    Items including in the crafting menu:

    • Suppressors (5.56mm & 6.5mm)
    • Bergen Backpack
    • Tier 4 weapons and ammo
    • Tier 5 weapons and ammo
    • Full Ghillie Suit (Semi-Arid)


    General Reminder:

    Please inform staff of any exploits or bugs as they come up. Dont use them to dupe / exploit then claim you are testing for staff. Duping and exploiting is strictly prohibited on the server.

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