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Corporal Kerry

Using the mortar in I&A. Some useful tips.

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Corporal Kerry    141

How to use the mortar like a professional

To place a mortar, have the base backpack on your back and place the tube pack on the ground, then use the scroll menu option on the pack on the ground to build it.

To fire without using the arty computer, just use the scope like this.


Aim at a target and press F until the diagonal lines are gone. Now we can see there is a value for ELV, which is elevation of the mortar tube, and REL, which is the required elevation to hit the target.

Just use page up and down to adjust the elevation until the values are as close as possible.


Then fire and you should be right on target


i was hitting short, but I adjusted the elevation down a bit and it made me shoot a bit further. You could fire smoke until the spotter reports you are on target, and then fire HE for effect.


This will also work with a 155mm as well. But for I&A, we are concentrating on using a mortar. But this is only for LOS shooting. This should help you out if you are wanting to use the mortar and are interested in using it without the arty computer.

BTW, this is a real life mortar computer.




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  • Goose_    31
    On 3/20/2019 at 5:16 PM, AceWinchester said:

    The arty computer is more for targets out of line of sight 


    Use this for non line of sight targets then


    (still functions for vanilla)

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