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  • LuckyB33f    1288

    Just to be clear, It doesn't have to be some epic well thought out pro design, I dont expect to have images and all of a break down... just use paint and some squares with abit of text to explain what that box has and positioning... Colour schemes and that is also important.

    I turn to the community as we are real gamers that get involved. We don't just play a game and log off, you use SG to get information and see whats happening... I would like new website to have the same feel and this is why i turn to you guys for an idea. This isn't just a wordpress website or some sorta piece of shit that doesn't work for a communities... you can also come up with features if you feel creative.

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    LuckyB33f    1288

    As I have had some people as what pages are involved here is a quick break down (maybe missing some pages again design isn't my thing)

    Main Pages

    • Index
    • Leagues (comp stuff)
      • Teams (teams within the league)
      • Results of the matches within the league
        • Players (players and there results as a profile)
    • Community (Communities involved)
    • Twitch Streamer (uses twitch API for information plus where we want to store)
    • My Profile
    • Contributors / Sponsors (to show case those who help)


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    LuckyB33f    1288
    22 hours ago, Wex said:

    Hello sir I'm interested in being a website developer 

    Yes Wex, I already know your useless at this stuff...

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