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Looking for Suggestions that would improve the server

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Neanp    21

This thread is to look at what all the players need, and it's easy to spot what everyone needs. If you have any suggestions please plot it down below, i would like to see what you guys think needs to be added to the server that would improve the player base.

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  • Neanp    21

    Remove Tokens then increase some vehicle prices to balances the ground fighting and air fighting vehicles, or Reduce amount of kills needed to get tokens. (E.g. 2 kills per token or 5 kill per token) For current server pop

    Add thermal to drones (Use Anti-Thermal gear)

    Add general store at old rogain general store 

    Fix North vehicle store (Kill farm)

    Remove Money from token vehicles and increase token price

    Create a free rearm truck (Bobcat)

    Add 2 Pawnees, one with 2-4 ATGM's and one with 2-4 AA's

    More use for tokens.



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    LameSlayer    8

    It- Add standard night vision to Titan and Verona. Remove the thermal offline notification for these and the designator.

    - Leave thermals out of drones and launchers. 

    - Rotate the carrier 90°. The current landing approach is right over a gun shop, which is daft. Could consider placing it a bit further out, to cancel the bombardment from sea using tanks.

    - Tokens from 100 AI kills. I have posted in that thread.

    - A variety of helicopter load-outs such as perhaps:

       - 'Pawnee AT' 14 x Shrieker AP $30k

       - 'Pawnee OP' 1 x Scalpel 12 x DAGR $50

       - 'Pawnee AA' 2 x ASRAAM $50K

       - 'Orca Auto-cannon' 20mm cannon $40k

       - 'Hellcat AT' 2 x Scalpel and miniguns $50k

       - 'Hellcat OP' 4 x Scalpel 12 x DAGR $75K 1 Token

    - Fix funny looking shop counters. Limeri bay, kill farm, Camp Maxwell. 

    - Fix armament delivery at camp Maxwell gun shop. Static launchers spawn in tree or wall and blow up. 

    - Variety of colours for vehicle spawns. Not every off-road should be red, currently they are. 


    - Jet load-outs that are in between 'gun only' and fully loaded. As an example the black wasp is horrible for CAS with its high minimum speed and 20 mm cannon and the fully loaded version is OP, hence the 5 token price tag. A version with an intermediate load out would be ideal to include. Examples follow.

      - 'Black Wasp Bomber' Cannon, 2 x ASRAAM 2 x GBU $125k 1 Token

       - 'Wipe-out lite' Cannon 2 x Falchion, 7 x Shrieker AP 7 x Shrieker HE 2x  GBU $125k 1 Token

       - 'Black Wasp Cluster' Cannon, 2 x ASRAAM 2 x CBU $125k 1 Token

       - 'Neophron Lite' Cannon 20 x Tratnyr HE 20x Tratnyr AP 2 x RBK-500F 2 x Sahr-3. $125k 1Token. 

    Note the absence or ATGM on these loads. Those would require buying the fully loaded version. 




       LameSlayer, aka James


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    Cringe    7

    Reintroduce burying of dead enemies - 2k was a fair price

    Gen & Gun store in central 

    Move carrier closer to landmass so it can be attacked via launcher to stop Tigris spammers

    Fix the issue regarding weapons bugging out on death being irretrievable for the player who died 

    Killfarm heli spawn location needs fixing

    Remove some of the useless headgear in gen store no one buys them just makes me need to scroll further for a pilot helm

    Bobcats free rearm again - 90k price tag

    Mortars reintroduced 

    Vehicle storage cool down so sandstorms can be stored just not immediately pointless having them so expensive if you cant store them.

    Night vision on the Verona and AA Launcher idc about compact Verona spamming is much nicer 

    Remove the water @Nunny

    More staff that can run events and stuffs


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    oPantha    5

    - Bring back burying (2k)

    - Tokens @ 5 kills because of server pop

    - Rebalance token shop

    - Add more variants of vehicles (e.g. AA pawnee, AT pawnee, AA shikra/blackwasp, Caesar with a 50 cal)

    - ^Same with jets, add some cool variants 

    - Redo shop prices (e.g. Why is the nyx AA and AT 50k)

    - Add flares to Caesar 

    - Add the thermal helm back

    - Add night version back to launchers 

    - Bring back a free rearm (bobcat)

    - fix weapons glitching out when you die

    - Move pilot and defender helm to the top of the list

    - Remove weather

    - Move carrier closer (1k - 1.5k away) and turn it 90° 

    - Fix vehicle storage sometimes deleting the stored vehicles (this has happened to me on 2 different occasions and i know it's happened to Mr Pickles too)

    - Bring back the WL Vet charge. However, not entirely sure if possible BUT add a rank for WL Vets that gives them access to the VET charge. This way the bind can't be shared and ruin it like in the past.





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