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StrayaGaming Monthly News Bulletin #2

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534954d9c59c9012b824f09bcd94731b.pngStrayaGaming Monthly News Bulletin




Thanks to all of the recent donations, we have been able to upgrade our dedicated server hardware. They are now running on i7-7700k's and have considerable more RAM, we will be getting better performance and can now host more services per host. We encourage players to report any issues that have arisen since the server upgrades to the appropriate server staff.



The Invade & Annex Tanoa/Malden server is now running a new version of the I&A mission file, which includes the new role selection system Quik has been working on. When a player connects to the server, they now skip the traditional role selection screen and immediately spawn in as a standard rifleman. Players will then have the option to change roles, based on the new dynamic role systemwhich increases/decreases the number of each role based on the current server population. You can read more about the update in @Fitz's devblog here.




Over the past month our new Events Discord has been instrumental in running weekly events on both our I&A and Wasteland servers. We have also had the opportunity of hosting several community zeus events run by some of our talented I&A players. We encourage anyone who is looking for something a little different to our regular servers to jump on and have a look at some of our upcoming events. Anyone who is interested in running a Zeus event is welcome to contact me via the forums or discord to set up a mission :seemsgood:



In our last monthly bulletin, we introduced a monthly donation perks giveaway that would be drawn each month with the news bulletin. We are happy to announce our first winner, @Dogofwar! Please contact me to have your month-long donation perks added to the server of your choosing.

Be sure to enter the giveaway for next month by giving this post a big ? 



@.Scorpion is currently running a Stellaris giveaway! The giveaway closes on the 10th of May. Be sure to enter the giveaway here. 



The Theatre of War is a new campaign of Zeus missions being run by @decibel_spl based on jungle warfare with a threat of a global takeover by China after becoming a superpower. The first mission - named Operation Curtain's Draw - gave us intelligence that the Russians have been supplying CSAT forces with equipment and weaponry - this is assumed to be part of the Treaty of Good Neighbourliness and Friendly Cooperation, enacted in 2001 (4 years earlier).

 The significance of CSAT's presence on the island of Tanoa has decreased thanks to the removal of Zheng, but unrest is still reported. Marines will be working alongside the Army to try and calm the citizens over the coming days. Be sure to keep an eye on this thread for the next mission briefing.



Starting in the near future, the Community Team will be running a weekly Escape Night on Fridays at 7PM. 

Escape The Island is an up-to 20-player coop gamemode where the players attempt to reach the borders of the map by any means possible to escape. Along the way the way they have to survive onslaughts of infantry, armed vehicles, artillery, helicopters and attack aircraft trying to stop their attempts to get off the island.

A post will be made shortly with further specifics and a start date.




This month's Media of the Month is @bouda118's 4th Frag Montage. Great work!



Congratulations to the following staff who have been appointed to the staff team or promoted in the last month:

@Chadd to the Community Team.

@Keeno @Dando @Truthy @.Scorpion to the Support Team.

@AceWinchester @iamjack to Trial AL Moderators.

@J-dog to a full AL Moderator

@Invictiis to Trial WL Moderator.



Many thanks to all those who donated in this last month. Thank you for supporting the StrayaGaming Community ❤️

@Razorwork @Armando Wolff @bouda118 @leeseven @CraZed00 @Thrilloby @hextop @Joshua_ @Trooper @Sasburn @Hellfire @nikoo @Fubez @Jackson Morgan @SkylerBB @Dead_Dove13 @Smeggin @.Scorpion @TheMoon1 @Bonofide @tts Rawr X D @Decent

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