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jacob potty

Wasteland Update 10/05/19

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jacob potty    66
  • Added - General Store at Central
  • Added - USS Liberty with vehicle store up NE of map
  • AddedMore ATM's around the map (moved some as well)
  • Added - Free use Fuel pump at USS Freedom & USS Liberty
  • Added - More item storages around the map (Limeri Bay, Agia Marina, USS Liberty)
  • Tweak - Rebuilt Kill Farm Vehicle Store
  • Tweak - Tokens are now 5 kills to get, not 10
  • Tweak - Updated rules 
  • Tweak - Central is now bigger
  • Tweak - Spawn money is now $1500 from $1000
  • Tweak - Store Prices tweak for some vehicles
  • Tweak - Increased price of AT, HEAT & HE rockets
  • Tweak - Team balancing, (teams should be more even)
  • Fixed - Kill Farm Vehicle Store works now 
  • Fixed - Limeri Bay General Store object spawn now works
  • Fixed - Maxwell Gun Store object now works (spawn was clipping into things)
  • Deleted - Remove Weather (apart from the rain)


If you find any issues with the new update or would like to ask questions, come speak to us either on Discord or Teamspeak

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