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    G'Day Straya

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    Iffy    4

    G'Day All,

    I started here on the Straya Servers a few weeks ago, FIFO works a B*t*h.

    Spent a few hrs on Altis Life, but I needed a bit more excitement in my limited free time so I hit up the I&A servers...

    I have had some good time on the "normal" I&A server and have had the pleasure of a Zeus session on the Tanoa server (a Thursday night i think), I would love to have the time to play these more.

    The players on here are some good people, some have already been added as friends, and I look forward to adding more of you as time goes on.

    My primary role is a medic/marksman, as i cant fly a helo for s*it just yet...


    Peace in the middle east!


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  • Joshua_    858

    G'day @Iffy, welcome to the community mate! I'm glad you joined us on Thursday - hopefully you weren't too disturbed by the player antics 😉 

    See you on the battlefield!

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