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Altis Life v11.3

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Update Summary

Today we bring you our major AL update that has been weeks in the making, we hope you enjoy it! Main talking points include, a rework of how the KOS shop system works, integrating it with the capture point system, buffs to some runs and money rewards for capture points. We also have a huge buff to R&D, it will now include t5 guns in the reward crate, along with 5 mags for any guns spawned.


New KoS Mechanics

KoS store is now built into capture point 1. When a gang captures the point, they open the KoS store for 15minutes for their gang. After 15minutes the point will automatically neutralize and can be captured by another gang or defended by the police. Police can also neutralize the point to end the KoS store access early.


Screenshots/Map Changes

New Pharma Layout




New R&D First Laptop Compound



New Capture Point Layout


New KoS Zone

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