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I&A Apex Edition 1.1.7 - Contact DLC

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Fitz    1229

Server has been updated to 1.94 (Arma changelog) and changes have been made to support the new Contact DLC. This includes adding the new Livonia map to the rotation on our second Tanoa/Malden server.

Map voting has been enabled on our second server. Players can use #vote missions to vote for bringing up the mission selection screen. 65% of players must vote for it before it will work.

Included in this update is Quik's new Active Protection System for armoured vehicles. This applies to both enemy AI and player vehicles.

So long as there is a commander in the vehicle (player or AI), the system protects the vehicle from incoming missiles.

There are 5 tiers of vehicle protection, Strider and Nyx having the the lowest level, MBTs having the highest. Each tier has different ammo count, reload time, and chance of failure. The blind spot on normal vehicles is the rear of the vehicle, for tanks, it is the rear of the main turret.


Fixes and addition of new vehicles will come in over the next week.


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  • Fitz    1229

    1.1.7 Hotfix 1

    - [FIXED] "Escort Vehicle" side mission was not available on Livonia.

    - [FIXED] Script error in AI suppressive fire system

    - [FIXED] Script error in AI countermeasure system

    - [FIXED] Shotgun magazines added to Arsenal whitelist.

    - [FIXED] Side mission rewards were not spawning on Livonia.


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