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    Operation Rolling Thunder - Community Zeus Event

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    What is it?

    Operation Rolling Thunder is the first mission that is part of an Operation Zeus Event Campaign, Flashback. These upcoming operations are based off real-life Operations. 


    A United States Army Airbase located in South Vietnam was recently attacked by 5 MiG-21s. The Straya Unit has been dispatched to take out SAM sites and regain territory lost from the attack so the bombing campaign can be resumed in the area (Further information will be given during the briefing). Close Air Support and Aerial Deployment will be unavailable as the F-4 Phantoms and Hueys were heavily damaged or destroyed from the attack.


    Operation Rolling Thunder was a bombing campaign against the North Vietnamese forces(VietCong) from the 2nd of March 1965 to the 2nd of November 1968.



    • Unsung Vietnam War Mod
    • Task Force Radio
    • CBA_A3
    • RHS: USAF


    • JSRS Sound Mod
    • Blastcore (standalone)
    • ShackTac User Interface 


    When and Where?

    The mission will take place on the 16th of August at 18:00 AEST (20:00 NZST). We encourage players to join the server 15-20 minutes before the missions starts to prepare kits and/or fix any issues with Battleye or Task Force Radio.


    If you have any questions, direct them to @Turbanator, @Joshua_ or @Noskire


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