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  • Nigel Gluesniff

    Lets talk about the server (long read)

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  • hamme in the 3 years ive beenin the communtiy i have done rebel civ contracting cartel randoms roleplay sits as civ sydney gang shit and cop and medic also did the hole support team then mod then admin rebels have done adn still bitch about the same old shit as they did 2 years ago all thats change is you all get more salty when you get tazed

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    Uncle Rifle    1
    14 hours ago, Nigel Gluesniff said:

    you all get more salty when you get tazed

    Cannot agree more, for the years i have been playing as cop/admin/dev through out many community's this is the biggest problem and no matter what you do there is no fixing the issue its apart of the game no need to get so salty.

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    Dr Pepper    1
    On 8/13/2019 at 10:00 AM, Nigel Gluesniff said:

    medic: no you havent changed in my books you all take forever to respond and cant drive to save you own life but medic roleplay has dropped alot aswell half of you if not most dont even talk unless your complaing about somthing.

    Look I'm not going to sugarcoat it at all, as medic is my main faction to play on, and I enjoy it most of all. But sometimes after you've spent some time getting to know some of the "personalities" that some rebels have, and how they quite often bad mouth some of the medics, it is no wonder why the medic will go out to the revive location, pick up the person known to be a bit of a scumbag and leave the scene straight away. This is purely to prevent the toxic comments that some medics receive, as some medics feel it's not worth the time and effort to do anything else about it.  Not to mention the protocols that medics must maintain and server rules that must be followed for the medic to be able to stay within the Altis Paramedic Service.

    As you've spoken about response time taking "forever", once again this sometimes is due to the medics having to adhere to protocols. For example, medics are not to enter a combat zone until 2 minutes after the last gunshot was fired, or it has been cleared code 5.
    So at times when medics are attempting to respond, there are trolls who see medics moving in to revive people and begin shooting furiously. Therefore, the medic must back off out of the combat zone again and wait.

    Just another point of view to enlighten you and some other people who take the time to read it.

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