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I&A Apex Edition 1.1.7 fixes

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  • Fitz    1228

    More important fixes and small changes

    • Added Tim's HQs back into the rotation.
    • Changed Tanoa HQ objects to Altis variants on some HQs.



    1.1.8 (19/08/2019 A3 1.94)

    - [ADDED] Sector Control mission type to Livonia.
    - [TWEAKED] Added new Mora variant (Livonia) to enemy vehicle config files.
    - [TWEAKED] (Livonia) Classic mission type: removed Gliniska AO (too close to base).
    - [FIXED] Game-breaking bug with vehicle respawn system.
    - [FIXED] Potentially game-breaking bug which causes AI to sometimes stop spawning.
    - [FIXED] (Again) Side mission rewards were not spawning in some cases.


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