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ACE Basics

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ACE Basics


What is ACE?

ACE is a mod that adds realism to ArmA 3.



The interaction menu is accessible by holding the () Windows key, the menu is only visible whilst pointing at an interactable object (for eg: players, ai, crates and vehicles.)



The self-interaction menu is accessible by holding the () Windows key and the (Ctrl) Control key together, the self-interaction menu gives the player access to many things, for example, healing yourself, using the equipment, team management and more.



Whilst holding the interaction key or the self-interaction keys, look at a patient's body/yourself, the colours of the + that are marked on all the limbs, torso and head illustrate the severity of a wound, white (body part is stable), yellow (body part has a light wound, around one bandage) and red (body part is heavily wounded, around 2 bandages to make the patient stable). When treating a patient, bandaging the body parts that have a red + should be prioritised, the patient will lose a significant amount of blood if the body part isn't stabilised.



Diagnose is an option that is found using the interaction menu and pointing at the head, diagnosis shows the condition of the patient, if they are in pain, require blood or more.


Bandages (Basic)

Bandages (Basic) are the most common bandages used in simple ACE. Bandages stop bleeding and help stabilise the patient.



Morphine is a painkiller, it decreases and removes the flashing lights around your screen. Morphine should be used on conscious patients and if the patient needs it. Morphine can only be injected into limbs.



Epinephrine (Epi) is used to make a patient conscious, Epi should only be used once a patient is stable. In basic ACE a patient cannot OD on any of the autoinjectors. Just like morphine, Epi can only be injected into the limbs of a patient.


Blood IV (250ml,500ml,1000ml)

Blood IV is used to increase blood levels in a patient, blood bags and can only be used by medics. If a patient has lost some blood (can be found from diagnosis) a bag of 500ml of blood should suffice, if a patient has lost a lot of blood depending on how long the patient has been unstable it will require 1L to 6L of blood.



Windows key for the interaction menu

Windows key+Ctrl for the self-interaction menu


Advanced Grenade Throwing

The ACE mod offers a new mechanic for grenade throwing, the mechanic comes with many features such as a distance and flight arc indicator, three different types of grenade throwing mechanisms, cooking grenades and more. To throw a grenade using this mechanism you have to press Shift+G, this will pop you with the grenade on the left side of a few controls as well as a flight arc. The dots in the flight arc can be 4 colours, white (flight path and the path is clear), green (collision with grenade surface), red (collision with object) and yellow (possible with an object).


- Shift+G to prepare the grenade

- LMB to throw the grenade

- MMB to cook the grenade

- RMB to cancel the throw

- Scroll Wheel to change between the normal throw and high throw

- Ctrl+G changes it to a mode where you can drop the grenade.

- () Windows key/Interact key while looking at a live grenade to pick it up and then throw it


Download ACE:


ACE Compatability with RHS USAF:


ACE Compatability with RHS AFRF:


ACE Compatability with RHS GREF:



Have any questions? Feel free to comment on this post or message @Turbanator


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