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changing the map?

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  • .Scorpion    118

    I don't disagree. Stratis has been the norm basically since Wasteland came up and by this stage it's getting a little bland even with the various updates as of late. A little more breathing space (and less ****ing mountains) to do stuff and to build shit would be nice. 

    Malden is objectively the only good map (aside from Stratis) that one could put Wasteland on.

    • Altis is too big and I suspect that would be lag central.
    • Tanoa is locked by the Apex DLC.
    • Livonia is locked by the Contact DLC and the map is more laggy than the other BI maps. 

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    Deano Blau    42

    I reckon changing the map to Malden would be a good idea cause when I played back in 2016 it is the same map and it's a bit old.

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    LAZYSHOT    49

    BUMP!!! I have wondered why so many AUS kids play trailorpark not STRAYA get rid of this same old formula plonking shit around map a monkey can do that very LAZY...Go on any other wasteland map and see how refined it is.....Well that was my Yarn looking forward for something {GREAT}….Get good or be good at it....   ?

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