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Wasteland Update 27/09/19

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Nunny    81
  • Added - Nisi Bay Gun Store
  • Added - Old Quarry w/ ATM
  • Added - New Town at Kamino Lighthouse hill
  • Added - Camp Coms
  • Added - Alpha Site
  • Tweak - Cape Cod Vehicle Store buildings and Runway
  • Tweak - Old Kamino Gen Store moved to Kamino Lighthouse hill
  • Tweak - Kamino Bay Vehicle Store moved to Kamino Firing Range
  • Tweak - USS Freedom moved NE about 500m
  • Fixed - Strogos Bay Vehicle Store spawn area (Redesigned)
  • Deleted - Removed some trees and rocks
  • Deleted - PvP Arena

    If you find any issues with the new update or would like to ask questions, come speak to a wasteland staff member either on Discord or Teamspeak!
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