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    Discussion on jet selection system

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    iBacon    3

    I'd like to open a discussion on the system which assigns jets. Unless the probabilities have changed since I saw them a few months ago, a pilot must be in something like the top 25% of transporters for it to even be possible to receive a top tier jet. I would link them, but I can't seem to find the page.
    I can see why rewarding the diligent team-supporting work of transporting troops should be rewarded, but I would argue that a good number of transport pilots rarely, if ever, fly jets. That means a chunk of that top 25% is occupied by people who don't make use of that reward, pushing everyone else down the list.

    And that's before mentioning that for the few hours I am able to play a week, as much as I enjoy transport flying, the role I enjoy most is jets. So no chance of keeping up with the leaderboard, and when I do get a fighter slot then I'm stuck trying to fight off stealth Shikras with a Buzzard. And surely that must be true for other people too.

    So what are your thoughts? Could there be an alternative reward for pilots? Could there be better access to higher tier jets for those who only have a short time in which to zoom zoom?

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  • This might be a lot of work for @Fitz but, could implement a system where the transport points are like a store. You transport people to get points then you can buy good/bad jets with those points. Buzzard could be free and the rest all cost, then that way people can get the jets they want.

    You could also keep the current transport point scheme just as a leader board so people can still flex how many points they get in a week but, the jets will utilize a different scheme.

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    Sterling    14

    Honestly i wish i could just come on and fly CAS because unfortunately these days i dont have alot of time to dedicate to playing this game and i honestly dont want to grind for transport points when i  cant event get the jet or munitions i want so when i do have the time to come on i end up just playing an infantry role even though the team needs effective CAS. And ye honestly the buzzard is not very effective with only 2 AA rockets. Also add a black wasp variant with HARMs   

    Maybe rather than having the random requirement of transport score why not have like tiers where if you have like 10 kills on the SPAAG while in CAS or UAV you will use that score to get or buy better jets?

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