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    StrayaGaming iAwards | Round 2!

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    Today, we are releasing our second round of iAwards, bringing you variety of new awards to show off your prowess within the community. 

    19 New Altis Life Awards


    Top Gun: Player owns all of the available jets for purchase.

    Go Big or Go Home: Kill the APD Commissioner.

    Staff Murder: Kill any Manager on Altis Life.

    Estate Agent: Own 4 Properties

    Master Thief: Successfully lockpick 200 vehicles.

    FBI Open Up: Successfully raid 25 houses.

    Lucky SOB: Roleplay out of a bank robbery, without having any deaths from the police or rebels and have the money on hand.

    Hostage Taker: Win 10 hostage situations with the Police.

    Charismatic Leader: Create an approved AL group with more than 10 members, which is active for more than two weeks.

    El Chapo: Successfully complete 10 drug shipment missions, acquiring the token in the process

    Yarr! Ye be a Pirate!: Successfully complete 5 Shipwreck missions.

    Hoardin' Cash: Reach a bank balance of $50 million dollars.

    Full Throttle: Buy a jet and take it for a spin.

    Escape Artist: Be sent to and escape prison 20 times.

    Wasted: Get killed 50+ times within a restart

    Stay'in Alive: Revive 500 players as Medic.

    Fake Doctor: Steal 75 Kidneys

    Drug Runner: Successfully complete five of each drug run

    Need For Speed: Hold a street race and win

    23 New Wasteland Awards


    Rocketman: Shoot down a helicopter with an unguided rocket (RPG-7, RPG-42, MAAWS).

    Iron Will: Kill a player from 800m+ away using the iron sights of a weapon.

    Back to Base-ics: Build a base.

    Lootin' Treasure: Complete a Sunken Treasure mission.

    Heavy Metal: Complete a Heavy Money Mission solo.

    Area of Effect: Kill 3 players with a single rocket.

    Hello There!: Blow up a tank using only a satchel/explosive charge.

    Killing Spree: Kill 100 players in a single restart.

    The Predator… Drone: Kill 10 players with a UAV drone in a single session

    BRRRRRRRT: Kill 500 other players with a jets guns

    That was a close one: Pull your parachute below 10m and survive

    A Token of Your Appreciation: Spend 250 Tokens

    Godlike: Kill 50 other players without dying

    Zone Control: Capture 30 zones in a single restart

    Black Hawk Down: Survive a helicopter crash

    Gearing Up: Complete 10 missions in a single restart

    Money Grab: Gain $500k from the 'Hackers' mission

    The Hunt Is On: Complete a Town Invasion alone without dying

    Air Time: Become airborne for 10 seconds while jumping a ground vehicle

    Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Kill 5 players 1km+ away with a sniper rifle

    Damn That Was Good: Kill a player 100m away with the spawn pistol

    Any Space Is Good For Me: Land a jet on an open field

    Efficient: Kill at least 3 other players with 1 bullet

    4 New Forum Awards


    Liked: Get 10 positive reactions on a post

    Popular: This person has gained 25 reactions on a single post over any period of time

    Center of Attention: Got more than 50 reactions on a post

    Big Player: Reach 1000 positive reputation.

    New Global Awards


    Staff Service - 4 Years: Be staff of any level for 4 years.

    Banproof: Never been banned on any community service.

    Winning Ticket: Win a giveaway.

    Movie Star: Make 15 videos within the Community.

    Picasso: Awarded to members for making textures or banners for StrayaGaming that have been used ingame or on our websites.

    Have my money!: Awarded to members of the community that are willing help the community by doing giveaways.

    Consummate Gamer: Spend a total of 60 hours on Invade and Annex, Altis Life or Wasteland within a week.


    Our goal with iAwards is to provide you, the players, goals within each server and the community as a whole to work towards and be recognized for. The awards are designed to encourage positive and skillful play, and to offer a challenge at the same time for people who want to go the extra mile and gain recognition for their achievements. 

    A complete list of the different categories and awards can be found here. It also contains the requirements to be eligible for each badge/award.


    If you believe you have met the requirements for one or more of the awards, you can either submit a ticket on our forums or by contacting a support staff member in TeamSpeak. Please ensure you have any applicable evidence ready to prove you have met the award requirements. 

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