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I&A Apex Edition: Feedback Response Update

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Fitz    1229

The main focus of this update is responding to player feedback on a range of different concerns.

Players noted the following issues:

  • Difficulties getting in contact with staff
  • Difficulty finding the right TeamSpeak channel to be in
  • Difficulty finding the community-created guides, or unaware that they even existed
  • Unaware of perks received for donating
  • 'Shit' side mission rewards
  • 'Shit' jets
  • Enemy jets spawning too frequently
  • Unaware of correct pad numbers

Most of these have been addressed in this update, with the exception of the friendly and enemy jet spawns, which need further observation and testing.

Contacting Staff

A lot of players use the main group chat to report issues. However, staff are not always ingame or in the group chat and, if they are, messages are easily missed. 

To fix this, we have introduced a simple chat command !adminthat allows players to notify staff on Discord and ingame more effectively. Simply type !admin into any chat channel and the menu will appear. You can submit one issue every 5 minutes. Abuse will see you blacklisted from using it and possible disciplinary action.


More information on how to contact staff can be found by typing !help in any chat channel.

TeamSpeak, guides, donations

To help players better find the right channels on TeamSpeak, some ingame mentions of the TS have become clickable links that automatically connect you to the correct channel. The following will automatically connect you to the Pilot's channel for whatever map you're on.


Links and information about guides, donations and more can be found in a new screen that can be accessed via the [Home] menu, or using the chat command !help. Some of this info has also been included in the TS channel descriptions of some popular channels.


Other methods of making TS easier to navigate for new players are also in the works.

Side Rewards

For a while now, we've heard a number of complaints about the quality of rewards given for successfully completing side missions. As a result, we've decided to try a different way of determining what reward to give. 

All side missions have now been assigned a difficulty rating from 1-3. This will determine what type of reward players will receive for completing the mission. More difficult missions, like Rescue POW and Secure Caches, have the highest rating and offer more powerful vehicles as a reward (mostly gunships/heavily armed aircraft). The second highest tier includes APCs and less-powerful armed helicopters. The lowest tier gives the least powerful and still pretty disappointing rewards. However, the missions in this tier are supposed to be quite a bit easier than the others.

Instead of having one large pool of rewards for all missions, this divides the rewards into three smaller pools based on difficulty.

Hopefully this makes completing side missions a more rewarding experience, while easing some of the frustrations you've expressed with the previous system. If not, we'll have to consider some of the more complex solutions that have been suggested.

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