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Altis Life v11.5

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James32    823

Hey Guys,

Here it finally is, the long delayed and much demanded Altis life 11.5 update, containing some huge changes that should make everyone happy! This is probably the largest update we've had in terms of raw content, So from all of AL Senior and the dev team we hope you enjoy!

Also considering the major changes several rules have been revised so please read them again


Adrenaline System

We've added a new revive system to allow civ to civ and cop to cop reviving in combat. The adrenaline consumable is purchasable from any good store, and allows you to revive a team-mate by using it while looking at their body. The action takes 1 minute during which you cannot move/shoot ect so think carefully before you start using it. Once a player has been revived using the item they will have 15 minutes to get to shady/the hospital before they die again. Being revived by a medic or admin also clears the death delay. You can see the action below



Gang Fund System:

Gangs are now persistent and cannot be disbanded. As part of this we have added fully persistent gang funds, any gang member can add to them. These funds can then be optionally used in stores directly by any gang member who has their local setting on. Note the gang leader also needs to enable spending the funds to prevent griefing/someone spending all the money. You can find your personal use gang fund toggle in the settings menu. The two buttons can be seen below:




We also of course have our Preview video by Armando!



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