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Space Engineers Full Service

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We are excited to announce that StrayaGaming will now be offering an additional modded Space Engineers service, as well as our current unmodded survival server to the community as permanent fixtures in our service line-up. 


Connection Information:

Server 1: se.straya.life or by searching Strayagaming | SE Vanilla Survival

Server 2: se2.straya.life or by searching Strayagaming | SE Modded Survival


Staff Team:

At the time of launch, there will be 4 dedicated staff members for Space Engineers. 


@bodyboarder2528 has been appointed to the position of Administrator

@Humaine @Noskire and @cherpychicken have been appointed to the position of Moderator

Applications are now open and can be accessed via our application center here.


Server Rules:

A complete list of the server rules can be found here.



These forum awards are designed to encourage positive and skillful play, and to offer a challenge at the same time for people who want to go the extra mile and gain recognition for their achievements. The following iAwards are now available.


Miner: Gather one bllion of any ore

Veteran Engineer: Play a combined total of 500 hours on StrayaGaming Space Engineers

Trader: Make a trade with another player

Space Pirate: Kill 30 players

Faction Lord: Founder of a faction with at least 5 members

If you believe you have met the requirements for one or more of the awards, you can either submit a ticket on our forums or by contacting a support staff member in TeamSpeak. Please ensure you have any applicable evidence ready to prove you have met the award requirements. 

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