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New and Confused

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Tallfox    3

Hey ya'll I'm new to Altis life and I was under the impression that the windows key was used to pick apples however I can't seem to do it and was wondering whether either the button was different or if my keyboard is being lame, if so does anyone know what the custom action is so I can rebind it to a more convenient button?

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  • FarmerJoe    25

    Look mate I'm gonna have to stop you right there. If me n the boys find you pickin apples there's gonna be some real trouble headed your way. Peaches are the only fruit that should be picked on the island. Apples are solely for the peasants and cock-smokers of straya. Come on down to John n Joe's Peach Farm n we can teach ya the bloody ways of the peach mate. Just remember, if we catch you with an apple, you're a bloody dead man.

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